Introducing Trackingmore API

If you are still looking for a package tracking API, you may want to know TrackingMore. Using Trackingmore API, your online store or supply chain system can connect with the tracking system of Trackingmore - which support 200+ carriers / postal services and providing the latest tracking information. 

The benefits of using TrackingMore API:

1. Show tracking results in your own store
By using TrackingMore API, your customer can see the tracking results at your store. This will reduce a lot of customer inquires and improve after-sales service at the same time. 

2. Increase page view
If your customers can track their packages on your site, they won't ask you again and again about "where is my package". They can just go to your store and check the tracking results by themselves.

3. Monitor Shipment Problem
Trackingmore will auto-track all your shipments, so you can find out the "expired packages" and "failed delivery package" at the first time. The earlier you find that problem, there are more chance you can solve it. And this can recoup your losses.

4. Tracking More results
TrackingMore system gets information from the original postal services as well as the destination postal services. In this way, you can get the full tracking results of the shipments.

TrackingMore API is totally free. You can get an API key after you register in trackingmore.com . There is also an PHP example in Trackingmore, if you have other questions, contact us with service@trackingmore.com