How to customize Email Notifications in trackingmore.com

In trackingmore, users can customize email and SMS notifications to notify their customers as well as themselves the delivery statuses. We classify the statuses into seven parts, they are: "Not Found", "Transit", "Delivered", "Out For Delivery", "Exception", "Expired" and "Failed Attempt".
Here I would like to set an example on how to customize the email notifications in trackingmore.com.

Step1: Enter www.trackingmore.com and the below picture appears.
Step2. Sign up for a Trackingmore Account using your frequently-used email address and an advanced password. See below.

Step3. Click "Sign Up">"Notifications">"Email Notification" to enter the backstage of your account. Here, I selected three statuses: "Not Found", "Delivered" and "Exception", users can choose their own according to the corresponding needs. 
Step4. Enter the "Email Customization" page and start to customize email info you want to sent. 

Now, after completing the above steps, you and your customers will receive emails when the statuses you selected appears.
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