5 best Shopify Shipping APPs you should know in 2018

As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world, Shopify has been beneficial to millions of merchants and customers. Meanwhile, lots of Shopify apps are developed to help merchants to manage and develop their business. Today, I'd like to introduce you 5 handpicked shipping Apps for order tracking.

5 best Shopify Shipping APPs you should know

Time to try these tools to simplify your working flow!

#1 Tracktor

Tracktor shipping APP

Tracktor is a professional tool for package tracking and order status checking. The layout is clear and clean. And the installation is very easy. As a tool, it does a great job in its functions. What makes it special is the Google Map it shows. So you can check the status of each order clearly and visually with Google Map. In addition, the turnaround time of their customer service is really quick and they can help you create a customized theme. So you can choose your favorite type that fits your store. Even its free test is much less than other shipping tools and it won't reset every month, but the price for a paid account is still affordable and acceptable.
Free for first 100 tracking lookups
$14.99 for 2000 order tracking lookups per month
$29.99 for 5000 order tracking lookups per month

#2 Trackingmore

Shopify Shipping APP Trackingmore

Trackingmore is a tracking solution provider. Its powerful features can meet all your needs. It is a little complicated to figure out how to use every feature, but one of the best things is, you can always find the best workaround for your needs. For example, filling out the shipping time when using CSV Upload help Amazon shop owners to monitor if their packages can meet the delivery time of Amazon, so they can take actions accordingly. And the Auto-fetch CSV can sync every change in the Google Drive Spreadsheet. Other functions like Tracking Page, Remote Area Checker, Track button, customized notification... It'll be better if they can publish a blog about those features and how can it help in combination. The design is a little old-fashioned, there are no fancy charts, but it's still practical.
It's pay-as-you-go.
Free for 500 tracking numbers per month(free API for the first month)
$20 for 2500 tracking numbers
$50 for 8000 tracking numbers

#3 Shipping Tracker

Shipping Tracker Shipping APP

This tool is similar to Tracktor & Trackingmore. The dashboard is clear and clean like a chart. It also classifies the package into different statues. And it can show its place in Google Map when the package is in pre-transit, in transit and delivered. So the customer can know where's their package visually. Unlike Trackingmore, it has 3 themes tracking page, and you can ask the team for more if you want something unique and special. This tool doesn't support as many couriers as others do, but most of the big international couriers are supported. The email & SMS notification is good, but it seems like the email template can't be fully customized. Beyond that, it does meet all your needs about tracking. But if the price is cost-effective, I think I need more time to figure it out.
Free for 10 shipments per month
$85 for 2000 shipments per month
$175 for 5000 tracking numbers per month
SMS: $0.02 per sent

#4 Easyship

Easyship Shipping APP

Compared with monitoring the tracking, things before shipping can be time-consuming and even drive you crazy. This friendly dropshipping app can help you handle many things before tracking, which saves your time to choose courier and calculate shipping cost. You don't need to be afraid of overspending anymore. With Easyship, you can check the exact amount of import taxes, VAT, GST and other fees. And you can print the label which is clear and easy to identify. In addition, it provides customs invoices and declarations, which saves a lot of time. However, it's only beneficial to shop owners in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia since it only supports a few big international shipping companies. Hope it'll integrate more couriers and benefits more merchants.
No additional fee, you only need to pay the shipping rates as shown.

#5 Shippo

Shippo Shipping APP

Shippo is another friendly app for dropshipping, same as Easyship. I haven't found any bulk operating button in Easyship, but Shippo supports bulk printing of shipping labels, generating return labels, tracking shipments and drafting international docs. It saves you lots of time when managing a bunch of orders. If you're a USPS and DHL Express user, they'll provide discounted shipping rates. Same as Easyship. you can also compare different couriers and choose the most suitable shipping solution for each order without installing any software. And they promise to provide support within 4 hours, which is a fast turnaround time. Unlike Easyship, you need to pay 5 cents for each label except the shipping cost of each package. 5 cents is not expensive, but if you have thousands of orders each month, or even more, it'll be a large budget that needs to be considered.
$0.05 per label + shipping cost
Let them help you manage and develop your business!
5 Best Shopify Shipping Apps