batch tracking packages - trackingmore(video)

This video is about batch tracking packages. You can use Trackingmore to track large quantities of package. Watch the video below and get to know how it works.

This website is totally free by now, so come and enjoy batch tracking packages in www.trackingmore.com.


How to track your China post package - trackingmore

This is a video about how to track China post, it is simple and efficient. After watching this video, you can try to track your China post package yourself through Track China Post.

If you need to track other couriers, please enter the official website of TrackingMore.


Batch tracking package tool-trackingmore

If you need to track a large quantities of packages, you can try www.trackingmore.com . In this website, you can paste your tracking numbers in an EXCEL, and upload it to get the tracking results. Through this way, you can track one thousand packages one time.

In order to use this function, you only need to register an account in TrackingMore, this is totally free of charge.
After that, you can login to import your tracking numbers and the couriers.
Like this way:

This is quite simple and useful, it is the best solution for batch tracking packages. What's more, after you import your tracking number in TrackingMore, the system can track the packages in real time, and you can know how many packages are delivered and how many packages are still on the way to the destination. 
It is simple and clear:

What is TrackingMore?
TrackingMore is an advanced online tracker and your personal shipments manager. It support more than 200 countries and mutiple languages. This is a global website server people all around the world.
Next time, remember using TrackingMore to track your package !


Batch Track your packages from China

Nowadays, it's getting more and more popular to buy some goods from China, such as cell phone, laptop or other electric products. After you purchase something, the biggest problem maybe the logistic problem. Now I will tell you how to track your packages China.

There are many couriers in China, such as China post, EMS, S.F International, Yanwen and so on... But the biggest two companies are China Post and China EMS, most of the packages are carried by them and the tracking numbers ends up with the letter "CN".

First, click track parcel to enter the website of trackingmore. Enter your tracking number, the tracking system can auto-identify the courier and display the tracking details.

 40 numbers , One time
If you need track more tracking numbers, you can click supported courier, and choose the courier which carried your package. In this page, you can track up to 40 tracking numbers at a time. EG. track China post

Batch tracking tool - trackingmore
If you need to track hundreds of package, you can still choose trackingmore. Because after you registered in trackingmore, you can upload hundreds of tracking numbers through a cvs file. Isn't it amazing? So, what are you waiting for, come to trackingmore.com and track your packages here.


How to track your GLS packages with TrackingMore

GLS is a Dutch British owned logistics company , it was founded in late 1999. Being the 3rd biggest logistics service provider in Europe, GLS operates within 42 European countries, it also provides postal services all over the world except some high political risk countries. In the 2010/11 financial year, GLS shipped 363,000,000 parcels for 220,000 customers, generating revenues of €1.75 billion. 

1.Now I will show you how to track your GLS packages.

Enter the website of trackingmore : www.trackingmore.com , copy your tracking number (eg.676242559287), and paste it in the input box. Click the yellow track button, you can get the information below: 

Number: 676242559287
Delivered (4Days)
2015-10-20 10:10:40, Delivered,Rochecorbon,France 
2015-10-20 07:54:17, Out for delivery on GLS vehicle,Rochecorbon,France 
2015-10-20 07:22:21, Inbound to GLS location,Rochecorbon,France 
2015-10-19 23:23:59, Inbound to GLS location,France 
2015-10-19 16:24:07, Outbound from GLS location,CARVIN,France 
2015-10-19 16:23:07, Inbound to GLS location,CARVIN,France 
2015-10-16 18:31:59, Information transmitted, no shipment available now,Deinze,Belgium 
2015-10-16 17:55:26, Inbound to GLS location,Puurs,Belgium 
2015-10-16 17:55:26, Inbound to GLS location,Puurs,Belgium 

Powered by www.trackingmore.com

2. If you need to track a large quantities of GLS packages at one time. 
You can click the GLS Tracking page of trackingmore. And enter up to 40 tracking number in the input box.

Like this way:

After you click the track button, you can see the results below: 
3 packages is delivered, one is in transit, the other package is ready for you to pick up. 

Yes,  this is very simple,  with this online tracker , there is no need go to the official websites of different couriers, no more problems about translation . This is an one in all package tracking tool - definitely. So, what are you waiting for? Enter your number and find out how amazing TrackingMore is!


Two ways to track your Singapore post Package.

1.You can use the official website of Singapore post to track your package .
eg:RY202824204SG .  Enter the tracking number, you can get the tracking details: Arrival at Processing Center in UK. But you need to know this is not the full list of your delivery base description,  you have to select the destination country(eg.UK) and track your package in the official website of Royal Mail.

2.You can also try TrackingMore - a tracking tool to locate your parcel. This way is much more easier.

Enter your tracking number, and you can view almost everything in this page, such as tracking status description in origin and destination country, contact information, official website. You don't need to check your package in the offcial websites of different countries,   this is really convenient and helpful.
Please remember the link : www.trackingmore.com


A Great Package Tracking Tool - TrackingMore

Just simply enter your tracking number and click the track button, you can get the latest logistic information of your package.
It's simple and convenient. Just take a try, you won't regret it.

You can also try the official website of TrackingMore : package tracking


How to track your Royal Mail parcel ?

The distribution network of Royal Mail is one of the biggest and most sophisticated in UK. Every year, Royal Mail handle over 5 billion parcels, and around 97% of the 1st Class mail delivered the next working day. Royal Mail is working hard to get your mail to its destination on time. After your package is collected, it will be processed in the nearest distribution center, and it is the most efficient way though the network of Royal Mail.

You can track your Royal Mail packages by click Track Royal Mail , this is the easiest way to track your package, you can enter up to 40 numbers and track them at one time.

Contact information
Royal Mail Customer Services
Web: www.royalmail.com/customer-services
Telephone: 8.00am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday
                    8.00am - 1.00pm on Saturdays
From within UK: 03457 740 740
International callers: +44 1752387112
Textphone:  03456 000 606

Royal Mail number rules
( # Letter, * Digit, ! Letter Or Digit )
(R# *** *** *** GB)  (V# *** *** *** GB)  
(A# *** *** *** GB)  (A# *** *** *** GB) 
(B# *** *** *** GB)  (F# *** *** *** GB)  
(J# *** *** *** GB)  (K# *** *** *** GB)  
(S# *** *** *** GB)  (Z# *** *** *** GB)

Royal Mail Tracking status explanations
The item has either been delivered as addressed or, to a neighbour. Please note Special Delivery Guaranteed items cannot be delivered to a neighbour. 
Office of exchange - there's at least one in every country. This is where items are sent before they're passed to another country.
3.Pre-advice Received
The sender has told us they're going to post something, but we haven't received it yet.
4.Arrived at OE
The item has reached the country of destination and will be sent on for delivery.
5.Sales Order Raised
This is only relevant to the sender.

                                                          Track Universal postal union parcels, click UPU tracking


Things you should know before you choose UPS

United Parcel Service(UPS) is the world's largest package delivery company, it is founded in 1907. Every day UPS delivers more than 15 million packages to more than 6.1 million customers in more than 220 countries and territories around the world.

1.UPS general information
UPS global official website: www.ups.com 
UPS American official website: www.ups.com/content/us/en 
UPS tracking website : 
(1) track ups (this is supported by trackingmore.com, you can track 40 ups packages at one time)
(2) ups official website

2.UPS contact information(United States)
Tel:1800-742-5877,TTY/TTD Access for Hearing Impaired 1-800-833-0056
You can also send an online email to UPS by this link: https://www.ups.com/upsemail/input?loc=en_US 

3.UPS number rules
( # Letter, * Digit, ! Letter Or Digit )                                                                  
(1Z !!! !!! !!! *** *** *)  (*** *** *** ***) 
(*** *** *** *)               (*** *** ***)          
Make sure your tracking number is correct, you can't track your package if you missed a single letter or digit.

4.UPS tracking status
Unsuccessful delivery attempt. Notice left
It means the delivery guy left a InfoNotice because he missed you when trying to deliver your package. 
They’ll try to deliver your package on the next weekday (Monday through Friday), excluding holidays. If you won’t be available, you have a few options. To view these options, simply:
1.Track your package using your UPS InfoNotice number, found under the barcode
2.On the Tracking Summary screen, select Change Delivery
3.Select Choose Another Delivery Option
They’ll make up to three attempts to pick up your package.


How to track 40 packages at one time?

We all know how to track our package, it's quite simple nowadays, no matter it is carried by DHL or TNT or UPS, those companies have a complete tracking system so you can find out where is your package in front of a computer. But if you are a seller and everyday you need to track a large number of packages, then trackingmore can be very helpful for you. Just spend 1 minute to check trackingmore.com and you won't regret it.

TrackingMore support more than 200 couriers, no matter your package is carried by China post or Singarpore post or USPS, you can track you packages with trackingmore. If you want to track 40 packages at one time, just select the couriers, paste your tracking numbers on the box and click the track button. All the result comes out in a few seconds.

For example, I need to track 5 China post packages:
1.Click the tracking page of TrackingMore .

2.Paste your number and click Track. 

Note: TrackingMore is an advanced online tracker, it can give you the latest information about your package, you can also get an automatic email send by trackingmore when your package has arrived at the destination. 


How to track your Yanwen package?

Yanwen express is a gold partner of Aliexpress and ebay, if you have bought something on aliexpress, your package may shipped by Yanwen. So it's necessary to know how to track your Yanwen package.

The tracking links: 1.Yanwen package tracking
                                    2.Official website of Yanwen
You need to know whether your package is shipped by a normal mail or registered mail. If it is a normal mail, you can not get the complete tracking information on the internet. So you'd better choose a registered mail if your package is important.

The number rules of Yanwen
( # Letter, * Digit, ! Letter Or Digit )                         
(## *** *** *** YP)       (## *** *** *** YW) 
(Y# *** *** *** CN)      (Y# *** *** ***)

Contact Yanwen
Beijing office
Telephone for taking order:010-64621881/64669779
Telephone for tracking:010-64656790/91/92/93
Shanghai office
Telephone for taking order:021-36031631/36031637
Telephone for tracking:021-36359765/66/67/68/69
Shenzhen office
Telephone for taking order:0755-83576869 83576658
Telephone for tracking:0755-61586158
Yiwu office
Telephone for taking order:0579-85238581
Telephone for tracking:0579-85238581
Guangzhou office 
Telephone for taking order:020-36505001/36505002
Telephone for tracking:020-86331015/86331017     

Track more couriers, click track my packages


What information can you get from your tracking number?

We are talking about global EMS item, registered mail and parcel here.

According to the regulations of UPU number rules, each number consists of 4 letters and 9 digits, the last 2 letters are standard ISO-3166 pointing to the origin of sender. Partial countries might have special number rules.

The first letter in the tracking number with different letter represents different meaning:

«A» - Mail is not insured (less than 2 kg)
«R» - Registered Mail (less than 2 kg)
«V» - Registered Mail (Insured)(less than 2 kg)
«C» - Ordinary Parcel (more than 2 kg)
«L» - Airmail E-packet (less than 2 kg)
«E» - Express Mail Service (EMS more than 2 kg)

Eg: EX012857277SG is a Express Mail because it is started with the letter "E", the last two letters are "SG" represent this express mail is shipped by Singapore Post.

1. The tracking number is a number provided by courier. You can use this number to track and trace your package. It is different from the order number.

2. The registered mail is different from a normal mail. The registered mail is more expensive, and it's normally for a more important mail. Beside, the mail will be sent to your doorstep & the postman will ask you to sign on a paper before he gives you the parcel. The normal mail is usually not supported tracking, you can't get reparations if your normal mail is missing.

        If you need to track your package enter your tracking number here .