AliExpress Order Tracking Solution: Prepared For Singles' Day

Singles' Day, also known as Alibaba Day, is kind of like Amazon's Prime Day in the United States. If you are a seller on AliExpress platform, then the day of November 11th, 2017 would be your biggest day as there will have huge traffic flow rushing into your AliExpress shop and transaction volume will go high.

With so many sales to manage, you really need to make sure you manage every shipment well by knowing exactly where they are located. And TrackingMore can help you.

Firstly, Add a Tracking Widget on Your AliExpress Shop
By doing so, your customers can track packages on your own site without frequently asking you whereabouts of their packages. And you can save more time and energy to manage your business.

This parcel tracking widget is very easy to embed at your e-commerce site. Just copy and paste a few codes on your page html editor. You can even customize your favourite colour to match your website theme.

Secondly, Download AliExpress Parcel Tracking Plugin to Auto Import & Track Packages
TrackingMore supports all package tracking from AliExpress carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, ePacket, China Post Registered Air Mail, China Post Air Parcel, China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, HongKong Post Air Mail, HongKong Post Air Parcel, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, Sweden Post, Russian Air, Special Line-YW, DHL Global Mail and S.F. Express. Check all 474 couriers supported by TrackingMore including AliExpress Standard Shipping tracking.

With this AliExpress parcel tracking plugin, you are enable to auto import and track orders from AliExpress shop every 8 hours. This is the best parcel tracking plugin to manage your AliExpress orders all in one place. You can check this article about how to track orders from AliExpress Shop.

Thirdly, Send Email Notifications to Notify Consignee
Customers love to know package status. Send delivery notification to them and enhance customers' trust so as to increase customers' loyalty. TrackingMore supports automatic email notifications. Just trigger your settings at your TrackingMore account.

Other Options to Check AliExpress Parcel Status
Apart from above shipment tracking solution, TrackingMore also supports Shipment tracking via CSV Upload and courier tracking api.

CSV upload requires user to upload a csv file which contains courier code and tracking number, while courier tracking api is designated for e-commerce developers to receive push notifications and retrieve package tracking info.

How To Track A Parcel Without A Tracking Number

We all know that the most popular and common way to track a package is to enter a tracking number in a box provided by a parcel tracking tool. So it is very important to keep a tracking number once a package was shipped out.

However, there are times that we lost our important stuff. Say a tracking number. So we would ask ourselves is there any way to track a package without a tracking number or is there an alternative to track our packages?

The answer is "yes" but still depends.

If you are a buyer or recipient, the only way to do is to ask your seller or sender the tracking number again. So I would not discuss this situation. Instead, imagine you are the sender.

Enter Courier Official Website and See Alternative for Tracking a Package
Most couriers nowadays support multiple ways to track a package. For example, Eurodis supports four ways to track a package. They are Eurodis tracking by 24 digits barcode number, 13-digit EURODIS shipment number (often called as tracking number), shipper´s reference and dispatch partner´s shipment number.

Call Local Post Office Customer Service
Try to contact your local post office customer service and provide as much and detailed shipping info as you can. They have records in their recording system.

Retrieve From Social Media
If you tracked your package on TrackingMore and shared it via social media, you can retrieve your tracking number through the link you shared. Or click that link directly to check the tracking info of your package.

Eurodis Tracking - Eurodis Track & Trace

Eurodis provides leading combi-freight networks which connect 36 countries in Europe. With its strong know-how domestic logistics partner, it helps businesses to ship parcels to businesses or customers.

Eurodis Tracking
To track a package shipped via Eurodis is very simple and easy. Just enter your 13 digits Eurodis shipment number or 24 digits barcode on Eurodis tracking page at TrackingMore parcel tracking website. 

If you track Eurodis packages on its official website, you can also track by shipper's reference dispatch partner´s shipment number. There are four Eurodis tracking alternatives for you to choose. Never worry about lacking of package tracking information.

Eurodis Services
Eurodis itself is not a real shipping company. But it gathers many local branded courier to ship goods and enhance the relationship between them. So, you packaghe shipped by Eurodis may be carried by differenct local couriers based on your destination country.

Eurodis offers various value-added services for businesses, including Cash on delivery, Hazardous goods, Minimum two delivery attempts, Delivery pre-advise, Proof of delivery, Returns from consignee, Track & Trace, Dedicated customer service.

Please note that Returns from consignee service only suit B2C shipment.

Eurodis Contact
Eurodis does't offer its phone number or email address for people to contact. But if  you really want to contact it, you should enter its official website to submit your request through completing a form.

Who Can Choose Eurodis
Eurodis only supports business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) shipment. So if you want to ship personal belongings, you are not allowed to do so.

If you are doing business in European countries, you are most recommended to use Eurodis shipping service which has 51,000 employees. Besides, its multiple languages customer service support makes your communication seamless.

PS: All packages shipped via Eurodis can be tracked on TrackingMore website. You can check Eurodis package status without any hassles. Now, try to track & trace your first Eurodis shipment and send email notifications to notify consignees.


Overnite Express Tracking - International and Domestic Shipments Tracking

TrackingMore supports Overnite Express tracking. If you shipped goods through Overnite Express, you can track them (international and domestic Overnite Express packages) by entering a tracking number or AWB NO. which consists of 10 digits.

About Overnite Express
Overnite Express was established in the year of 1987 in India. It has 20 Regional Offices, 58 Area Offices and over 37 Mini Hubs to serve 6,000 pin codes around the country. Apart from providing domestic shipping services, it also provides international shipping services. Let's see what exact delivery services and their features it offers.

Overnite Express Domestic Contact Number, Customer Care Number
Below are courier contact numbers from different locations. If you have any questions, you can try to contact customer service near your delivery address by calling them. Here we go.
Guwahati, Assam Contact: 9127068008/9127068009
Patna, Bihar Contact: 7808938306,7808938305
Chandigarh Contact: 8558836531/8558836532/8558836543
Delhi, Contact: 9015040000
Ahmedabad, Gujarat Contact: 9712904435
Baroda, Gujarat Contact: 9638778407
Bangalore, Karnataka Contact: 8884435944
Kochi, Kerala Contact: 7034022631,8589009305
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Contact: 8370013507
Mumbai, Maharashtra Contact: 9619894217
Nagpur, Maharashtra Contact: 7066038008
Pune, Maharashtra Contact: 9371259421/7767814011
Ludhiana, Punjab Contact: 8558836550
Jaipur, Rajasthan Contact: 9610053395
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Contact: 8939835319/8939830172
Hyderabad, Telangana Contact: 8886611536
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh Contact: 8588822887
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Contact: 7571009366
Kolkata, West Bengal Contact: 8336974760/8336974752

Prohibited Items
Below items would not be accepted by Overnite Express. Therefore, try not to ship following goods via it.
l  Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition.
l  All Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA.
l  Corpses, cremated or disinterred remains.
l  Foodstuffs/Perishables (Food and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control).
l  Gambling Devices: Lottery tickets and gambling devices prohibited by national, provincial, state or local law.
l  Live animals and plants (Note: Cut flowers are acceptable for Canada).
l  Money (Coins, Cash currency, Paper money and Negotiable Instruments.
l  Pornographic material.
l  Radio-active Material.
l  Any shipment which is likely to cause damage to equipment, personnel or other shipments.
l  Any shipment which may require the carrier to obtain a license for its transportation.
l  Dry ICE needs to be book in separate packing with UN9 Sticker.
l  Restriction on the carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones in Cargo.

Welcome to TrackingMore to track all your packages shipped via Overnite Express. Merchants can also sign up free for a TrackingMore account and track multiple packages by calling Overnite Express tracking api. If you have any questions related to Overnite tracking, please leave me comments.

Yakit Shipping Tracking - International Shipping for E-commerce

Yakit, established in January 1st, 2013, is an international logistics provider focusing on cross border e-commerce shipping with pre-paid duties and taxes. Sellers at Shopify, Miva, WooCommerce and the 3PL Central (ask us via Y-Chat) warehousing platform are its major customers. It's headquarter is located in Silicon Valley, California and branch in India.

As every item shipped via Yakit is traceable, so if you shipped a package through this courier, you are enable to track Yakit packages by entering a tracking number which usually consists of sisteen digits.

You can enjoy full insurance and pre-paid duties and taxes if you shipped via Yakit, so typically you need not worry about a thing once you package has been shipped out. And this is also why many people would like to choose Yakit shipping even though it is still much new among other shipping companies.

Yakit Delivery Time
Express: 2-5 days
Standard: 6-12 days
Domestic: 1-5 days

Warnings About Yakit Shipping
1. Yakit only ships goods for registered businesses. It does not ship goods for a personal.
2. Yakit supports international drop-shipping activities  from the US, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and several EU countries like UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. However, domestic drop-shipping is only supported within the USA.
3. Yakit does not support Cash On Delivery services at present!

Yakit Shipping Tracking
Yakit shipping tracking can be performed via Yakit shipping tracking api, Yakit tracking page at TrackingMore or Yakit official website.


APC Postal Logistics USA, Canada, UK, Australia Tracking

APC Postal Logistics provides Expedited International, Priority International and Standard International shipping services to its clients. And packages shipped via Standard International shipping service cannot be tracked.

Therefore, if you shipped packages via Expedited International or Priority International service, you can track APC Postal Logistics packages on TrackingMore parcel tracking website.  

About APC Postal Logistics
Strategically located near JFK, ORD and LAX International airports, APC Postal Logistics offers unparalleled international delivery and logistics services to people from worldwide 200 countries since 2001. Many online retailers, fulfilment companies, publishers, mail-houses and printer clients who are especially on the West Coast benefit a lot from its parcelConnect services.

ParcelConnect service provides door-to-door delivery of international packages. If your packages were sent via Expedited International service, you can also choose Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) or Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) when dealing with customs clearance.

Big integrated shipping partners of APC Postal Logistics include ADSI, Connectship | ISHIP, DESKTOPSHIPPER, DUE, easypost, easyship, endicia, iabol, proship, shiphero, shippingeasy, shipstation and TrueShip

APC Postal Logistics International Services
parcelConnect Expedited DDU
parcelConnect Expedited DDP
parcelConnect Priority DDU w/Delcon
parcelConnect ePacket DDU
parcelConnect Priority DDP w/Delcon

How To Track APC Postal Logistics Parcels?
TrackingMore only supports APC tracking via apc tracking number. If you want to track APC postal logistics shipments through other credentials, please contact the sender or APC postal logistics customer service representative.

For APC tracking International, APC tracking USA, APC tracking Canada, APC tracking Australia, APC tracking UK via tracking number, please enter this APC Postal Logistics tracking page.


How to track 4px Singapore Post OM Pro package?

What is 4px Singapore Post OM Pro?
If you bought something from Aliexpress and chose 4px Singapore Post OM Pro as your shipping service. You may receive a tracking number such as MS03822675XSG.

4px Singapore Post OM Pro is an Economy Express, it can only be used in goods under $5. This shipping service is provided by 4PX Express and Singapore Post.

How to track 4px Singapore Post OM Pro?
This service can only provide the basic tracking info from the origin country. You can’t get full tracking details, but there are 71 countries can provide “arrived at destination country” info.

You can track  your shipment in 4PX tracking page and Aliexpress standard shipping tracking page.

This is the list of 71 countries that provide information on destination countries:
Albania, Australia, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, France, Tahiti (French Polynesia), Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg Norway, Malaga, Maldives, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, The Syrian Arab Republic, the United Republic of Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Vanuatu.

4px tracking results


South African Post Office Tracking - Alternative To SAPO Official Website

South African Post Office is often called "SAPO" in short by many people. It is a government owned postal service in South Africa. If you shipped a parcel through this shipping company, no matter it is a domestic package or an international package, you can enter you AWB, waybill number or tracking code on SAPO official website to track SAPO parcels.

However, there are many times that South African Post Office tracking is unavailable. And even if you tried to email them, there will not be any answer, which is ridiculous. Lots of people, including me, will go crazy.

So, if there is any way to ease our pain? The answer is "yes".

Go To TrackingMore To Track SAPO Parcels At Ease
If you often bought things and surfed online, you may already discovered this useful and popular parcel tracking tool. If so, please continue enjoying using it. If not, start now and try to use it. Once you tried it, you will definitely love it.

To perform South African Post Office international tracking and Domestic Track and Trace, please go to South African Post Office tracking page at TrackingMore and enter your tracking number.

Please note that, for your convenience, you can track all international and domestic packages shipped through South African Post Office in the same tracking page.

South African Post Office Contact Details
Although I thought the South African Post Office customer service is often useless most of the time, I am going to post their contacts here for people to check. Maybe one day they will be ashamed about their behaviour and take you case.

SAPO Phone Number: 0860 111 502
SAPO customer service email address: customer.services@postoffice.co.za

To check regional contact details, please copy and paste this link: https://www.postoffice.co.za/ContactUs/contactdetails.html

Please take care of the parcel delivery scam and never make any payments for so called custom duties and courier fees before a parcel is given to you.

About TrackingMore
TrackingMore is a third party parcel tracking site which supports tracking of international 474 couriers worldwide, including South African Post Office tracking. It is designated for online sellers and buyers to check statuses of their packages.

Shipping Time From China To United States - Shipping Time Calculator

Chinese products are very popular among people around the world because of their very cheap prices and good quality. More and more people are buying things from Chinese online marketplaces, such as AliExpress, Taobao, JD.com.

Therefore, knowing "how long will it take to send packages from China to USA" is very important. Unlike shipping cost which really matters with the product type, weight, size, shipping time can be calculated for sure once carrier and carrier’s route schedule (origin shipping country and destination country) are set.

Calculate Transit Time Shipping From China To USA
I know TrackingMore is a good place to check package status online and it already benefits a lot of people. And if you once tracked your package on TrackingMore, then you may find they have a shipping time calculator for user to check the shipping time.

However, not all people know this good feature. So I am here to tell you how to use this transit time calculator to calculate delivery time of shipment sending from China to USA.

Step 1: Enter TrackingMore official website and navigate to the category of "Shipping Time Calculator"

Step 2: Enter the Shipping Time Calculator, choose the origin country and destination country. The default is "China" to "United States". So you do not need to do anything, just click "Calculate" button.

Step 3: Now, you can see the estimated delivery time for each specific courier. Choose the courier you use to ship your parcel and click "detail" to see details. For example, here we choose "DHL". And see what we get?

Step 4: You will see the transit time shipping from China to USA by DHL takes 4.9 days. And sample we have made to calculate estimated delivery time.

About The Estimated Delivery Time Calculated By TrackingMore
TrackingMore system will automatically replace the sample shipment every six months to give the latest transit time for each courier. All those shipment sample data are from our tracking history. The bigger the sample data are, the more accurate the shipping time will reflect.


OnTrac Tracking - Track Amazon Order Shipped By OnTrac?

OnTrac, an alternative shipping solution to UPS, FedEx, is Amazon Prime order shipping company specializing in contracting regional shipping services in the Western United States. In other words, if you bought things from Amazon and you lived in the Western United States, chances are that your package is delivered by OnTrac.

So, if your packages were carried by OnTrac, then how do you track OnTrac packages?

You can go to OnTrac official website of course! However, sometimes it is just so complicated to find the tracking tool and perform tracking.

Therefore, I would suggest you go to a third party parcel tracking website, like TrackingMore to track OnTrac packages. You can first go to OnTrac tracking page and then enter your OnTrac tracking number. Tracking info will be displayed on the tracking result page at the same window.

Reviews About OnTrac And My Opinion
I have heard a lot of unfriendly words about OnTrac online. Many people stated that OnTrac is not good enough to act as Amazon prime shipping partner and package often gets lost when shipping by OnTrac, which I think it is far more than truth.

For one thing, Amazon has its own reason to choose the best shipping partner. For another, people are more likely to complain about things online rather than commend them.

As of today, OnTrac has 25 years of rich experience in delivering packages across the western United States. And it gives people more choices as when to deliver a package. Check delivery times of OnTrac below.

OnTrac Delivery Times

Sunrise Service
Delivered by 10:30am; Saturday delivery by 2pm.

Sunrise Gold Service
Delivered by 8am; Saturday delivery by 12pm.

OnTrac Ground Service
Next-day and 2-day delivery by end of business day; Saturday delivery by prior arrangement, call 800.334.5000.

Palletized Freight Service
Delivered by 5pm, Saturday delivery by prior arrangement, call 800.334.5000.

And I am sure it will bring a lot of more conveniences to its customers in the future especially in checking OnTrac shipment status online services because of the development of Artificial Intelligence.

AliExpress Tracking APP - Auto Track Multiple Orders From AliExpress Shop

Running a shop on AliExpress? Then you must want to know how to efficiently check detailed tracking info about all your AliExpress orders. You may try very hard via googling how to track your AliExpress orders and at last find nothing as there are very rare AliExpress Tracking APP out there.

But today you will be impressed when you read this article about how to auto track multiple AliExpress orders because it is going to show exactly what you want.

How To Track Bulk AliExpress Orders
Step 1. Sign up free for a TrackingMore account and login.
Step 2. Enter AliExpress Tracking page and click "Install" icon.
Step 3. Click "Connect AliExpress" and login to your AliExpress account.
For first time connection, system will auto import and track AliExpress orders added in the past 30 days.

Benefits You Will Get From AliExpress Tracking APP
l  Real-time tracking info displayed all in one place
l  Save your time by auto import and track all your orders
l  Multiple shops integration with one account
l  Shipping performance analytics
l  Email and SMS notifications to reduce customers' enquiries
l  Customized tracking page and tracking link
l  474 couriers tracking access
l  Your dedicated account manager

How To Help System Correctly Match Couriers On AliExpress
TrackingMore supports tracking of international 474 couriers worldwide. We support tracking all AliExpress Standard Shipping packages.

However, there are couriers that sellers choose by its own which we may not support tracking currently. If so, please contact TrackingMore customer services to add that specifically for you. This will usually takes 1-3 days until you can performing tracking.

If you shipped packages through couriers listed in this page: https://www.trackingmore.com/carriers.html, please refer to this article about how to correctly match couriers.


Winit Tracking - eBay Shipping Partner In China

Bought things from eBay China and seller shows item shipped with carrier Winit, then you can track packages on Winit tracking site at TrackingMore. TrackingMore supports tracking all packages shipped by Winit except those packages which are not enable to be tracked.

Basic Fact About Winit And eBay
eBay, a global e-commerce giant focusing on online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales whose headquarter based in California, US., and Winit, a Shanghai-based logistics provider which offers integrated warehouse-focused Supply Chain Solutions are strategic partners in dealing with the rise of cross-border e-commerce transactions.

Winit has four warehouses located in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia to provide eBay Chinese seller the integrated warehousing services, which will dramatically increase shopping experience of eBay consumers across the globe.

Services Winit Provides
International Shipping
Overseas Warehouse Management
Inventory Management
Last Mile Delivery
Parcel Tracking Tool
Business Consulting Services

This passage was written because we saw there were many users in eBay community stating that they do not know how to track Winit packages online. So I hope this article can help you check the status of your Winit shipments and know some basic fact about Winit and eBay.

If you have any questions when tracking Winit packages, you can add Winit official Skype by searching "winitcs" and there will customer service assist you to solve problems.

Globegistics Inc. Tracking - Track Your Parcel From Globegistics Inc.

Globegistics Inc. is a logistics services expert which has 35 years in providing worldwide distributor of parcels, mail and publications for eRetailers, mailers, publishers and printers. It has strategic facilities located in New York (JFK), Chicago (ORD), Los Angeles (LAX) and Miami (MIA).

TrackingMore have added Globegistics Inc. tracking service for its worldwide users to track international and domestic Globegistics Inc. packages. So if your merchant shipped an item through Globegistics Inc. and gave you a tracking number, you can track it on Globegistics Inc. tracking page at TrackingMore.

Services Globegistics Inc. Provides
1. eCommerce shipping for eRetailers and subscribers around the world
2. Freight shipping services to meet any overseas scenario – Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), trade shows, conference materials, etc.
3. Complete dashboard of shipping tools to prepare, ship and track parcels

Popular Shipping Destinations Of Globegistics Inc.
Globegistics Inc. has its shipping businesses reaching to 200 countries and territories around the world. And the most popular destinations go to: Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Sint Maarten, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Dominica, Caribbean, Sint Maarten, South Korea, Dominican Republic, France, United States and so on.

Typical Globegistics Inc. Tracking Number Formats/Examples
Globegistics Inc. has various tracking number formats. If you ship goods through Globegistics Inc., then you will be impressed by the following Globegistics Inc. tracking number formats.

Typical Globegistics Inc. Tracking Number Formats: UJ/UM/LX + nine digits + US or ARETREOH + ten digits

Typical Globegistics Inc. Tracking Number Examples: UJ016099205US, LX535720505US, ARETREOH1400042062, UM404255259US

Major Info About Globegistics Inc.
Phone Number: 866-296-8003
Email Address: csteam1@globegisticsinc.com


Affordable Shipping Services recommended for Buying From China

There are many shipping services you can choose to ship goods from China to worldwide destinations. You can choose postal services like PostNL, China Post, Malaysia Post; Commercial Express like DHL, FedEx, forwarding companies like Yanwen logistics, 4PX; private companies like Yunda express, YTO, S.F. international express and so on.

Today, I am going to share some postal services that are most popular among Chinese sellers.

Number One: China Post
China Post tracking link: To track China Post packages, you can go to China Post tracking site.

China Post, China EMS, ePacket are the top shipping services used by Chinese sellers because the cheap postage fee and easy customs clearance. Delivery time will vary a lot for different destinations and services. And delay often happens when package is about to ship by plane.

Tips: Do not mark goods as "gifts" when shipping by China Post as it will be most likely returned to sender as thought to avoid tax.

Number Two: Hong Kong Post
Hong Kong Post tracking: You can track Hong Kong Post packages directly at TrackingMore by entering a tracking number.

Hong Kong Post is very popular among Chinese sellers because it can ship electronic goods which China Post cannot. So sometimes, a parcel will ship to Hong Kong first from China and then goes to another country.

Number Three: 4PX
4PX tracking: To track 4PX packages is easy, just visit 4px tracking site at TrackingMore.

4PX has a very close relationship with Singapore Post. Sometimes, a 4PX tracking number can also be tracked on Singapore Post. AliBaBa Cainiao Group has invested in this shipping company. And most of its businesses come from AliExpress Sellers.

Number Four: Singapore Post
Singapore Post tracking link: To track Singapore Post packages, you can go to Singapore Post tracking site.

Singapore Post is an alternative to China Post. It is very convenient for people living in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines to ship goods from China.

Number Five: Yanwen Express,
Yanwen Express tracking link can be found at TrackingMore Yanwen express tracking page.

Yanwen Experss is a complicated shipping company in China. Most sellers use it to ship goods because it is supported by AliExpress Standard Shipping (same as Fulfillment By Amazon), so it is very convenient. Besides, it is extremely cheap which can reduce a lot of cost.

Number Six: Flyt Express
Flyt Express tracking link can be found at TrackingMore Flyt express tracking page.

This company provides the same shipping services as Yanwen Express.

When using above shipping companies to ship goods from China to international destinations, please use registered mail services which can be tracked through the whole delivery process. And once you have a tracking number, you can check your parcel status on TrackingMore official website.

Jet-Ship - New Shipping Solution For Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines Sellers

Jet-Ship is a newly established logistics provider who provides reliable and speedy shipping services with a reasonable price. It's core competition lies in that it offers pick-up service in country of Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, so it is very convenient to ship goods within those areas.

The services that Jet-ship provides include:
Door-to-Door Parcel Collection and Delivery
Online Tracking and Delivery Confirmation
Assistance from Auction Specialists

After shipping a package, you might want to check the status of your package and the estimated delivery time of it. So how do you track your package shipped by Jet-Ship?

Track Packages Shipped By Jet-Ship
You can track Jet-ship packages by online tracking tool or email.

For online tracking tool, you can go to Jet-Ship official website or Jet-Ship worldwide tracking page at TrackingMore by entering a tracking number.

For tracking by email, you can sent messages to this email address: Service @ Jet-Ship.com and then you will receive email notifications whenever there is an update of your tracking info.

Estimated Delivery Date of Jet-Ship Package
When you track Jet-Ship packages on its official website, you will see estimated delivery date on the top of tracking result page. That date is calculated by the service you use and country you sent to.

Usually, you will receive item before the estimated delivery date except when there is a delay in customs clearance for international packages.

To check Jet-Ship shipment status online, please enter your tracking number on Jet-Ship worldwide tracking page. And for the estimated delivery time of a package, you can refer to the time shown on Jet-Ship parcel tracking result page.