Track Multiple Tracking numbers & Multiple Carriers-trackingmore

If you need track multiple tracking numbers of mutiple carriers, you may like to know TrackingMore, this is an one in all package tracking tool.

In order to track multiple tracking numbers. You need to sign up an account in Trackingmore and track your package in the back-stage.

1. How to import multiple tracking numbers?
Click the import button and download the csv file. Enter your tracking number and the couriers in the csv file and import that data into the trackingmore system. 

2. Using the API of trackingmore to track multiple numbers.
After you registered in trackingmore, you can apply an API key in this page: http://my.trackingmore.com/api_keys.php?lang=en 
And the API doc of trackingmore is here: http://www.trackingmore.com/docs/index.php

If you have any other questions, you can email me at service@trackingmore.com or facebook me at https://www.facebook.com/trackingmore .


Yanwen tracking in detail - trackingmore

Yanwen may not sounds familiar for you. But if you bought something from China. The courier which carried your package may be Yanwen.

What is Yanwen?

Yanwen International logistics is well-known as an professional brand of electronic logistics supply chain services. They can provide different kinds of service such as EMS, China post, European special line and Hong Kong international air mail. It is also recommended as a logistics provider by eBay/Aliexpress/magento/PayPal.

How to track packages carried by Yanwen?
1. Trackingmore yanwen tracking tool
2. Official site of Yanwen

Tips 1. If your package is carried by Yanwen logistcs, after the package arrived the destination country, you can find an exchange number in the tracking results. For example : YE013919344CN, the exchange number is JJD0002251478102294 , and the local carrier of this package is Yodel, you can check JJD0002251478102294 in the website of Yodel to get more tracking details.
Tips 2. If you tracked your yanwen package and found this information : "Yanwen's Track end" or "燕文跟踪结束", it means the tracking results won't update anymore. Yanwen logistic can only give the current tracking details. For exzample : WA033578635YP

Tips 3. After the package has arrived at the destination country, the package is usually passed to the local postal company. But sometimes it will be turned over to parcelforce/GLS/Yodel.
Useful official websites

Yanwen          :  http://www.yw56.com.cn/english/index.aspx
Parcleforce     :  http://www.parcelforce.com/
GLS               :  https://gls-group.eu/EU/en/home
Yodel             :  http://www.yodel.co.uk/
Trackingmore :  http://www.trackingmore.com/


get notify when shipment status updates - trackingmore

Generally, after the sender ships your package, there will be a delay between the courier received the package and enter the tracking information in their system. If you want to know when your package will be trackable on the internet. You can try TrackingMore.com .

Then how to get notify when your package is trackable on the internet ? Still very simple, you just need to sign up in Trackingmore, check the options and click the blue button below.

You can even let the system to send you an email when the shipments has no tracking information for several days. 

If the tracking number didn't update for a long time since last update, you can also check the option to send you email. This function makes it easier for you to find out the possible missing package earlier.

If you got more questions, you can visit our site :www.trackingmore.com  or   facebook me at www.facebook.com/trackingmore


What are the differences between epacket and China Post Air mail?-trackingmore

Epacket and China Post Air Mail are often chosen by cross-border sellers to transit items. Now TrackingMore will tell you the differences between them. 

1. Epacket
Epacket is also called EUB, if you bought a item from a Chinese seller, they may give you a tracking number for epacket-ebay or epacket-aliexpress. EUB/ePacket is an international postal product provided by China Post to support international e-commerce. The ePacket Service is a agreement between USPS,eBay,aliexpress and China Post to offer eBay and Aliexpress sellers a fast but low cost shipping.

The advantages of Epacket are:
(1) Low cost, it cost 47¥ to transit a packge weight 0.5KG from China to US, while if you choose EMS, it will cost 85¥.
(2) Fast, usually it takes 7-20 days to delivered a package.
(3) Quality service, fully traceable packet.

Shortcomings of Epacket:
(1) The epacket service is only for package weight less than 2 Kg.
(2) The seller can only use EUB to transit item to limited places, such as US/Canada/France/UK/Australia/Hong Kong.

2. China Post Air Mail
According to an incomplete statistics, 70% of Chinese cross-border electricity packages are transport through the postal system. The biggest reason why cross-border seller choose China Post Air Mail is the low price.

(1) China Post Air Mail service is only for package weight less than 2 Kg.
(2) Usually it takes about one month to delivered a package, it is not suitable for urgent mail.

If you need to track Epacket or China Post Air Mail, click track package from China.


Package tracking status explaination-trackingmore

There are seven tracking status in trackingmore system. I will explain the status in detail.

not found 
Item is not found at this moment, general explanation:
1. Your tracking number is incorrect, you need to verify your tracking number again and check back later.
2. The carrier hasn't scanned and entered tracking information of your package yet. Usually it takes a few days for processing and updating information.

Transit means your package is on the way to the destination, if your package has arrived the destination coutry, you'd better check your package information 1 or 2 times a day to ensure a smooth receipt of the package.

out for delivery
You package has arrived the destination facility, the carrier is about to deliver the shipment, or it is ready to pickup. If you ensure your package has been delivered, please ignore this notice. However, if you haven't received your package, we'd advise you to contact the carrier to collect your item or arrange a re-delivery. Please note the carrier has a collection deadline, if you did't pickup your package in time, it might be returned to the sender.

The package is delivered to the destination successfully, if you didn't receive the package, please contact the sender or carrier for clarification. 

Expired means shipment has no further updates for 30 days since last update.General explanation:
1. The carrier hasn't update the tracking information
2. You package may have been lost during the transportation period.
If you have received this package, please ignore this notice. However, if you haven't received your package, we'd advise you to contact the sender or the shipping carrier for clarification.

failed attempt
Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, and usually leaves a notice and will try to delivery again. Possible reason: item refused by addressee; incorrect / illegible / incomplete address; expired retention period; addressee absence; etc. If you have received your package, please ignore this notice. However, if you didn't, we advice you to contact the carrier to arrange a re-delivery or collect your item. Please note the carrier has a collection deadline, if you did't pickup your package in time, it might be returned to the sender.

Custom hold, undelivered, returned shipment to sender or any shipping exceptions. If you have received your package, please ignore this notice. However, if you didn't, please pay attention: you need to read and analyze the tracking information carefully. We can't auto-detect all the status 100% accurately, hope you understand. We'd advice you to contact the sender or the carrier for clarification.

For more information, visit www.trackingmore.com


Ways to track Deutsche Post DHL, Bpost and PostNL-trackingmore

DHL, Bpost, PostNL are the main transport companies provide transport services in Europe, these three companies are very large companies, they all provide quality service. If we need make a choice, I will say we just need to select the cheaper one in most cases. The following are the description of ways to track DHL/Bpost/PostNL, I hope this will help.

1. DHL
DHL is the subsidiary company of the world's leading mail and logistics group-Deutsche Post. Providing customers with a full supply chain management logistics solutions.
The Official website of DHL : www.dhl.com(DHL global official website),                                                       www.dhl.de(Deutsche Post DHL official website
                                          http://webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com/(DHL ecommerce)
DHL Product/Service :Priority package (DHL Premium),Economy package (DHL Economy)
In most condition, this two services are nearly the same, the Priority package is  2-4days faster than the Economy package In theory. If the planes are not enough, the priority package will be transit first.

1.1 How to track DHL package?
(1) In general, no matter this is a direct mail or a exchange mail, you can see a tracking link in the mail, if not provided, then try to find a tracking number.
(2) You can also use Trackingmore to help you track your dhl package. For example : 010852816400
Click the exchange number, you can get the full information of your package.
 You can also use the Official site to check your package.

1.2 How many digits are there in the DHL tracking number?
(1) The Germany DHL international parcel got 12 digits(Sendungsnummer).
(2) The DHL warehouse number contains 20 digits, such as 00340433836673922780 which can also be tracked in the DHL system.
(3) DHL global mail contains 10 digits.
(4) Besides, there are still numbers of 22 digits or begin with the JM+18digits. 

2. Bpost - Belgian Post
Belgian Post(Bpost) is a modern, efficient postal company, the head office is in Brussels, it is the largest private courier companies in Belgian. The Bpost is very stable in delivery.
The official site:www.bpostinternational.com or http://track.bpost.be/

How to track Bpost?
If your tracking number contains 26 digits such as : 30100751900000000542925111, you can enter this site : http://track.bpost.be/, and input your tracking number, you will get an exchange number: EA110088543BE

You can track your package buy entering the exchange number in trackingmore.com

3. PostNL -  Netherland Post
The tracking sites are below: 
(1) http://www.postnl.com/ 
(2) https://www.internationalparceltracking.com/Default.aspx#/search 
(3) www.trackingmore.com


What's wrong with Brazil Post?-trackingmore

Clearance in Brazil is particularly strict, after the package has arrived the Brazil customs, the tracking information may not updated for half a month, it will only shows: "Curitiba / PR, Received by the Brazil Post, Object subject to inspection and delay on delivery." Means your package has arrived Brazil, and it is received by Brazil Post, the package is currently subject to customs inspection and it will be delayed on delivery.

Then how long this status will stay in general? Let's look at a few of tracking number contains this status.

1. RI636873465CN,This package did't update for 20 days.
2015-10-19 15:51,Delivered,Sao Paulo/SP,?
2015-10-19 12:43,Depart for delivery to addressee,Sao Paulo/SP
2015-09-29 09:36,Received by the Brazil Post,Curitiba/PR,Object subject to inspection and delay on delivery

2. RF046704641CN,After two months, this package is finally delivered.
2015-09-04 17:30 Sao Lourenco / MG, Delivered
2015-09-04 10:53 Sao Lourenco / MG, Depart for delivery to addressee
2015-07-07 13:21 Curitiba / PR, Received by the Brazil Post, Object subject to inspection and delay on delivery

3. RF070262079CN,This one is faster, it is delivered after 8 days.
2015-09-08 15:29 Sao Paulo / SP, Delivered
2015-09-08 11:29 Sao Paulo / SP, Depart for delivery to addressee
2015-08-31 07:37 Curitiba / PR, Received by the Brazil Post, Object subject to inspection and delay on delivery

Tips for smooth customs clearance.

1. Do not fill in fake information
The customs department will scan the daily mail, and the suspicious parcels will be opened. So we need to fill in the real information. Please note: 3C objects, watches, glasses will be focused on checking by the customs department.
2. The declared value and shipping
The small parcels sent to Brazil which is less than 50$, usually tax-free;
You need to fill in the real value of goods;
The imitation brand, electric goods can not be posted.

How to solve the problem of time?

If you choose the postal system to deliver your goods, you can't predict the exact delivery date, so you can choose other way such as Dedicated Logistics、EUB to transit your package.
If you have chosen postal system, the package will arrive Brazil in 3-4 weeks if everything goes well, 7-8 days later custms will release. But if you track your packages in trackingmore and it shows "delay on delivery", you need to notify the recipient and Brazil postal department to assist customs clearance.