What Is A Third Party Parcel Tracking Tool

A third party parcel tracking tool is also often known as a third party parcel tracking website, parcel tracking platform, parcel tracker, parcel tracking app and so on. This kind of tool usually provides people with shipment tracking info from various couriers all in one place. Trackingmore is a typical example of this kind.

Many people would simply take a third party package tracking site as a counterpart of parcel tracking services from courier official website, which I really doubted as they have many differences between each other. To explore this, I think there is a need for you to know typical services a third party parcel tracking tool provides.

Trackingmore is an excellent all in one package tracking tool, so what kind of service it provides?

One: Multi-carrier Shipping Tracking Services
Trackingmore supports parcel tracking of international 477 couriers, including major carriers like USPS, UPS, China Post, DHL, FedEx, China EMS, S.F. International and etc. It provides real-time tracking info for 80,000 site visitors per day and this number is increasing.

Tracking data are all analyzed and divided into seven groups which we now call package tracking statuses: "Not Found", "In Transit", "Exception", "Out for Delivery", "Expired", "Failed Attempt" and "Delivered".

Two: Multi-carrier Shipping Tracking APIs
Trackingmore provides e-commerce developers with 475 courier tracking APIs so that they can retrieve multiple shipments tracking info effectively. The API it provides is very stable, fast and accurate.

Newly registered user can test 500 trackings within the first month for free. Besides, for those who own an e-commerce website and added an all site link to Trackingmore can enjoy up to 200 trackings for free per day. By this way, they can save up to approximately $75 per month. Click Free API Request to see how it works.

Three: Carrier Auto Detect
Every courier has its own rules to define a tracking number, and this rule is especially distinct in terms of postal services. Trackingmore has an brilliant system that stores all those tracking number rules from couriers we supported.

So if a person inputs a tracking number in a rectangle box at Trackingmore homepage, it will be auto matched with one or multiple carriers. And this is also a good way to know which courier carries your shipment.

Four: Tracking Widget
Trackingmore provides free tracking widget for all people who want to embed it to their own e-commerce sites and track packages. Users can define color, courier, style and formats to meet their websites theme. A typical tracking widget looks like below example. You can also click Tracking Widget to define one for your own shop.
Five: Analytics
Want to know which courier has the best shipping performance and which destination country your shipments are sent to? You can login to your Trackingmore account and check all in one panel.

Besides, it provides shipping time calculator for your reference based on its huge data in the system.

Six: Email Notifications
Once there is an delivery status update, system can auto send emails to notify your customers so that you can easily please them and generate more sales.

Seven: Parcel Tracking Plugins
Own an online shop on Magento, Shopify, eBay, AliExpress, Wish, CS-Cart, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, ShipStation and want to track orders from various logistics providers? Then you really need to try Trackingmore parcel tracking plugins.

A parcel tracking plugin is designated for merchants to auto track orders and allow them enjoying more time focusing on its businesses.

A third party parcel tracking tool is a professional parcel tracker that enables people to track packages from multiple carriers all in one place.


Items Shipped Via La Poste But Were Broken Into Pieces

Today one of my friends claimed that an item she bought online was broken into pieces after she opened the packaging box. And she even showed me pictures as you can see below.

And then she said seller just gave her a tracking number and told her it was shipped via La Poste and could be tracked on Trackingmore. So what would you do if you were me, she asked.

Well, I should simply say you can try to contact both seller and La Poste. But first, please keep the photograph of the damage, which would be helpful in the subsequent claim for damage.

HOwever, as neither of us know any French, so we try to contact seller. Fortunately, seller promised to refund the money but my friend should return items and pay the shipping fee.

Thinking about all these, we began to believe maybe contacting La Poste would be a nicer way to deal with this matter as the shipping fee would cause hugely and time is also an factor.

So is there any way to contact La Poste for people who do not understand French? Would this be possible done by negotiating with La Poste? Would it be useful to provide La Poste tracking info? https://www.trackingmore.com/laposte-tracking.html?number=CC749604496FR


StarTrack Track & Trace - StarTrack Tracking

StarTrack is a national freight and logistics company in Australia which is also a member of Australia Post. TrackingMore provides StarTrack tracking service which enables all site visitors to track and trace StarTrack packages all in one page.

Merchants can track multiple StarTrack shipments by using StarTrack tracking API at TrackingMore or simply uploading an CSV file.

What's more? If you own a shop on Magento, CS-Cart, WooCommerce, AliExpress, eBay or etc and have needs to track StarTrack parcels, you can also try our plugins. For Magento shipment tracking extension, you can find it on Magento Marketplace by searching "Trackingmore".

Typical logistics services offered to merchants by StarTrack include "third party warehousing", "B2C Logistics" and "B2B Logistics". So it can easily perform end-to-end shipping solutions to its customers.

If you are in Australia and want to contact StarTrack customer service, then you can try this contact phone number: 13 23 45. Otherwise, you can send messages at its facebook page.

There is no exact time to be given as when StarTrack would deliver your items. But you can always get suggestion at the local StarTrack branch near your house.

Missed a delivery because you are out? Do not worry! Search your surroundings and see if you can find your products. If not, there must be a card left indicating you either to collect items from the post office or to rearrange the delivery at a later date.


TrackingMore Shipment Tracking Extension at Magento Marketplace

With the release and improvement of Magento 2.x version, Magento has decided to update extensions on its Marketplaces. It removed all links to the old submitted extensions and developers who still want to sell its add-ons on it should resubmit their products again.

Knowing this, our developer resubmitted Trackingmore parcel tracking plugin based on app submission requirements and now you can search keywords of "Trackingmore shipment tracking" at Magento Marketplace to get our extensions for free or simply click above link.

During this submission, we have added a detailed User Guide for your reference so even a newbie can understand and know how to use this extension to track their orders.

Currently, this extension only supports Magento 1.x version and our developers are planning to develop Magento 2.x to help more merchants simplify order tracking process.

Another improvement is the number of carriers we supported has increased from 410 to 475, so it shall meet more merchants' needs. And what' more? If you found your carrier is not in our couriers list, you can always contact us by emailing at service@trackingmore.org to add that for you.

With this extension, you can enjoy:

  • Support tracking of international 475 couriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, China Post, S.F. International, Hong Kong post and so on.
  • Allow your site customers to check shipment progress easily within your store.
  • Reassure your customers by sending email notifications to them when delivery status changes.
  • Detailed and helpful "User Guide" makes everything hassle-free.
  • Free support from our experts during business hours. 

PS: do not forget to generate a TrackingMore API key during the installation of TrackingMore shipment tracking extension.


Landmark Global Order Tracking

TrackingMore provides Landmark Global order tracking service for free. Any packages sent through this shipping company with a tracking number can be tracked. Detailed Landmark Global tracking info will be displayed instantly for your reference.

What is Landmark Global?
Landmark Global is the international division of Belgium Post who provides end to end international mail and delivery services for millions of customers worldwide. With sophisticated technology know-how, it can provide customized solutions to meet clients' needs from worldwide 220 countries and territories. It not only ships packages but manages those returns, which lessens a lot of sellers' anxieties.

How To Track Landmark Global Packages On TrackingMore?
TrackingMore provides the easiest way to retrieve package tracking info. All you need to do is to enter your parcel tracking number which you can easily get either form your merchant or a shipping label.

Landmark Global tracking number can be consists of 30 digits. See example here: 312015922500000000000201825617. Now imagine you want to track this package, what should you do then?

Step1: Enter Landmark Global tracking link;
Step2: Input tracking number and click "Track";
Step3: Tracking info shows and you can check now.

Note: if you track Landmark Global packages directly at TrackingMore homepage by inputing a tracking number, you may be guided to the bPost tracking page which you are also enable to check the latest tracking info of shipment.

If you are a merchant who wants to trakc multiple Landmark Global orders all in one place, please send us emails at vanessa@trackingmore.org, and one of our sales managers will teach you everything on how to get on board.

Quantium Solutions Tracking, Reviews

TrackingMore embraces its new member's participation today, that is Quantium Solutions tracking.

Quantium Solutions courier specialises in logistics and fulfilment services to businesses within the Asia Pacific region. It has post office branch located in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philipines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam separately.

The first name of Quantium Solutions is G3 Worldwide Aspac Pte Ltd. This company was and is the subsidiary of Singapore post since the year of 2009.

This company provides warehousing & fulfilment services, mailroom services, mailing services and other value added services to its customers. The shipping service provided by it is also named as Ezyparcels Shipping Service. It includes:
  • Ezyparcels Priority
  • Ezyparcels Premium
  • Ezyparcels Registered Plus
  • Ezyparcels Registered
  • Ezyparcels Standard

Among all those shipping services, only Ezyparcels Standard package cannot be traceable.

Many customers from Quantium Solutions think it is a good logistics provider who often deliver goods in time, and we can see there are a lot of positive reviews about this shipping company. If you once shipped a package through this company, you can also share your experience by commenting it on TrackingMore. At Quantium Solutions tracking page, you will also see Quantium Solutions reviews commented by other people.

The good news is that TrackingMore provides a kind of method that enables visitors to track all packages from Quantium Solutions all in one page. You do not need to search for Quantium Solutions Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore post and so on, just enter the tracking number at TrackingMore to track Quantium Solutions packages.

If Quantium Solutions tracking info updated regularly, then you just wait for your package to arrive at your door. Otherwise, you can find local post office branch here.


Complete China Post Tracking Info Meaning

Each day, I got many messages from people all over the world saying that they feel hard to understand the meaning of China post tracking status as all of them are shown in Chinese. And although there is a translation tool which enables them to translate it into other target languages, it seems not to work so well sometimes either as you will see odd translations which make you feel more confused.

At first, I would explain every China Post tracking info in detail to every person who contacted me and do not understand Chinese but still want to figure out it in English. But soon I realized that this is not a long term business to do as it will occupy lots of my time in doing the same thing repeatedly. Therefore, I start thinking if there is any good way to help people try to understand tracking info from China post by themselves.

After a short period time thinking, an idea did come into my mind. And that is to make a list of all typical China post tracking info in both Chinese and English for people to refer to. By this way, every person can grasp each China Post tracking info terms by themselves.

So, in the past few days, I have collected and analyzed 1,000 China Post international packages tracking info obtained from TrackingMore data system. Below example shows typical China post tracking info that would appear when tracking China post parcels.

Example of China Post tracking info in Chinese
017-10-14 16:29,【泰国】邮政局已妥投,TH    
2017-10-13 08:26,到达【泰国曼谷】互换局,TH      
2017-10-12 11:41,离开【广州航空邮件分局】交航,CN  
2017-10-12 10:54,到达【广州航空邮件分局】,CN  
2017-10-11 16:28,【广州互换局】已出口直封,CN  
2017-10-11 15:10,【广州邮区中心局国际邮件分局】已出口开拆,CN  
2017-10-09 15:28,【厦门互换局】已出口互封(国内经转),CN      
2017-10-09 15:25,【厦门国际邮件互换局】已出口开拆,CN  
2017-10-07 00:13,离开【泉州市邮政函件局】,下一站【泉州小包】,CN    
2017-10-06 21:14,【泉州市邮政函件局】已封发,CN     
2017-10-06 20:31,【泉州市邮政函件局】已收寄,CN     
2017-10-01 19:48,电子信息已收到,CN

Equivalent translation of above China Post tracking info
017-10-14 16:29,Thailanddelivered by post office, TH      
2017-10-13 08:26,Arrival atBangkok, Thailandexchange of office, TH    
2017-10-12 11:41,LeftGuangzhou Air Mail Branchhanded over to airline, CN 
2017-10-12 10:54,Arrival atGuangzhou Air Mail Branch,CN    
2017-10-11 16:28,Guangzhou Exchange Bureaudeparture from outward office of exchange, CN
2017-10-11 15:10,Guangzhou Mail Centre Bureau International Mail Brancharrival at outward office of exchange, CN      
2017-10-09 15:28,Xiamen Exchange Bureaupackaged at outward office of exchange (domestic transit), CN 
2017-10-09 15:25,Xiamen International Mail Exchange Bureauarrival at outward office of exchange, CN    
2017-10-07 00:13,LeftQuanzhou Post Office Mail Bureau】,Next stopQuanzhou Small Parcel,CN   
2017-10-06 21:14,Quanzhou Post Office Mail Bureaupackaged and sent ,CN   
2017-10-06 20:31,Quanzhou Post Office Mail Bureauposting, CN    
2017-10-01 19:48, Electronic info has been received ,CN

General Explanations
1. Contents in【】stand for mail bureau/branch, mail processing centre in China or a country, city, airport name in the world and so on. For example,【广州航空邮件分局】meansGuangzhou Air Mail Branchand【泰国曼谷】meansBangkok, Thailand.
2. CN and TH represent for Chinese and Thailand. They are ISO country code.
3. " posting " means the post office has accepted your package.
4. "domestic transit" means your package is transit from a mail bureau or processing centre to another for transportation within China.

Other terms that you may encounter
妥投                     Delivered
邮政局试投           Attempted delivery made by Post Office
已妥投                  Delivered
邮政局已妥投       Delivered by Post Office
电子信息已收到    Electronic info has been received
物流订单已创建    logistics order has been created
已出口互封           packaged at outward office of exchange
已进口互封           packaged at inward office of exchange
已进口直封           departure from inward office of exchange
已进口开拆           arrival at inward office of exchange
已出口直封           departure from outward office of exchange
已出口开拆           arrival at outward office of exchange
移交海关              handed over to Customs
清关完成              customs clearance complete
交航                     handed over to airline
启运                     Despatched
试投                     attempted delivery
送交目的国海关    handed over to destination countrys Customs
下一站处理中心           Next processing center
海关放行                     Released from customs
已交航空公司运输       handed over to airline for transportation
移交海关/安全部门      Handed over to Customs/Security Sector

These terms can help you know well about 90% of your package route in China, which makes you feel hassle-free when checking China post tracking info online. And If you think this is helpful, you can bookmark or share it for your future reference.