Why we shop online?

With the development of science and technology, online shopping is becoming more and more convenient at the same time more and more popular. However, there are still people who are reluctant to shop online. They are afraid to accept the new things or not accustomed to do so. They think it is not safe to shop online. As far as I am concerned, if you are new in terms of online shopping, you really need to try this excellent shopping experience. And the following benefits about online shopping may inspire you at some level.

Why shop online?
There are many benefits related to online shopping.

1. Convenient: Online shopping is very convenient. A computer or a mobile is enough to start your shopping journey. You can shop goods on the web 24 hours a day, on the subway, bus and so on. You do not need to walk miles and miles through streets and streets till legs get pained. Besides, you do not need to wait the long queue to pay for your goods at the counter. You even do not need to take the heavy bags yourself but waiting your treasure delivered at your doorstep.

2. Cheap: Online shopping is very cheap. Most of the online sellers can offer a good price regarding to a same item when it is sold in a physical store, because online sellers do not need to pay for the renting fee, light and water fee and property management fee. Besides, there are many tools you can use to compare a product prices and then you can usually find the cheaper to buy.

3. Variety: You can buy all kinds of things online. On large cross border e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and so on, there are items from across the world. You can select worldwide goods at ease with pajamas.

4. Updated: Online shopping makes you updated. When shopping online, you are using all kinds of technologies. The most necessary tool is TrackingMore. You can use it to trace your royal mail packages, parcel force packages and more. What's more? You can have a better command of the fashion trend and keep your eyes open as you are making contacts to the global items.
5. Relaxed: You can get more relaxed from online shopping. You can feel at ease when you are not want to buy an item after dwelling a long time on the online store which if in the physical store, this behaviour may make you feel embarrassed.


Tracking says delivered, but packages never received

Have you ever met this before? Shipped a parcel, tracking says delivered, item never received. In the past, I simply would say this is no way as I know from the United States Postal Service that a package would not be marked as "Delivered" if it is still on the route to be delivered. In other words, a delivery scan would be performed only after the carrier has delivered the package to the receiver's mailbox, the doorstep or anywhere around the address to be delivered.

But I changed my thoughts after I have heard more and more customers stating that they have not got their items but why package tracking info showed "delivered" status. So I am doing my research on the web and found that this is not an exception. A lot of people has met this before. Some of them claimed that they got their parcels finally after an investigation around their house, some of them said they got items after waiting for 1-3 more days, others stated that items were never came to them.

There is no courier dare say they are the best, even notable courier like USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, as nothing in the world is perfect. So we need to note that this situation can really happen sometimes, but what can we do when this happen?

Things you need to do when you haven't got your packages while it says you did.
Firstly, when tracking says delivered, but packages never received, you need to keep your mind calm down as usually items will be soon received within a few days.
Secondly, call your local post office and let them check for you, ask your friends, families, neighbours whoever might have received your items and investigate all the possible places that your parcels might be around the house.
Thirdly, if you have not got your items 3 days after the "delivered" info shows, try to file a claim and let the courier investigate for you.

1. When shipping goods, make sure they are trackable. To track packages, you can always go TrackingMore.com which supports USPS package tracking, UPS package tracking, DHL package tracking and more.
2. Pay some small extra fees to require a delivery confirmation and make your packages insured.


How to track eBay packages

Ebay.com is an online auction and shopping website. It is built for people and businessmen to buy and sell variety of goods and services worldwide. Headquartered in San Jose, California, eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. When eBay first started, the system is quite different than it is now. It previously offered online money transfers from 2002 to 2015. Buyers can use this website for free while sellers must pay some money to list their items as well as fees when items are sold.

Today the system is much more advanced, efficient, improved. One important aspect is that buyers can track their packages easily through eBay account. So how to find the exact tracking information of your packages?

1. Track your packages through eBay account.
Most of the time you do not need to enter your eBay account to find the tracking info as when your items are shipped, the seller will soon send you an email about the shipping details. This email usually contains a tracking link, tracking number and the courier name. So you can click the link and enter the tracking page.
What if you want to track it through eBay account. The following steps can guide you.

Step 1: Login onto eBay.com and go to "My eBay" which you can find at the top of most eBay pages;
Step 2: Navigate to Purchase History and click the link on the left side of the page;
Step 3: Find the green shaded area containing a tracking number and then click it to see the shipping status of your eBay package.

2. Track your eBay packages through a third party named TrackingMore
Most people may have already heard and even used this package tracking tool as it is really helpful and easy to use. It is built to offer solutions in terms of package tracking services for online sellers and buyers so as to make a better online purchasing experience. It can now track packages from 410 couriers worldwide, which means you can track virtually all your packages bought from any channels in one place. What amazed me most is that it has a very accurate detect function. Whenever you enter your tracking number in the search box of homepage, it can detect the courier and then track for you. You can even use this function to know which courier carried your items.

TrackingMore ought to be your prior place to go and track your packages because it is very easy and informational. Simply go to TrackingMore homepage, enter your tracking number and then click "Track" button. That's it. The display page will not only show detailed tracking info but also the courier name, courier official website, courier contacts and the way to review the courier. If you know the courier name of your package, for example China Post or China EMS, you can also go China Post tracking or China EMS tracking page. 

PS: As for the shipping time your package would take, you can go here to calculate the delivery time. Note: not a single person can assure the exact delivery date especially the delivery date of an international package, but a reference can surely be given.


Track packages sent via AliExpress shipping

AliExpress, created by Jack Ma, a legend person and a successful businessman, is the biggest online cross-border e-commerce platform in China. It provides many products which can virtually meet anyone's purchase needs. People from Russian, Brazil and the United States account for the majority of consumers. The main business scope of AliExpress are phones & accessories, consumer electronics, jewelry & watches, health & beauty, hair and etc..

"In the future, those people who are trying to save others' money and time make the best money", said Jack Ma. Therefore, the AliExpress now has its own shipping service which is very cheap and convenient. It saves sellers time and money. So, what is AliExpress shipping anyway?

What is AliExpress Shipping?
AliExpress Shipping, also known as AliExpress Standard Shipping. Sellers on AliExpress can choose to ship goods through their own logistics partners or AliExpress Shipping. Using the former shipping methods, sellers need to contact their logistics partners to pick up and deliver items to their customers; while using AliExpress Standard Shipping, sellers just need to send their items to AliExpress shipping centre and leave the rest to the Cainiao network, owned by Alibaba group.

The delivery time of AliExpress Shipping.
Parcels sent by AliExpress Standard Shipping usually take 15 to 45 working days. While for Aliexpress Premium Shipping, the total transit time would be 7 to 15 working days.

How to track a package sent via Aliexpress Shipping?
1. Go to TrackingMore and input your tracking number. The system will auto detect your courier and track for you. No matter what online e-commerce platform or online store you purchased your goods, you can always go there to track. Besides, you can also enter AliExpress standard shipping tracking page directly to track your order.

2. Check the tracking info directly in your order details. Note: the info will be updated within 5-7 days after the seller sent your package.

3. Ask your seller for the courier name and go to the official website to track. But this is the least tracking method i would recommend as it is the most complicated way.


Which couriers can you use to send parcels within China?

There are many options you can choose to send packages within China. And each carrier has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of shipping different items. Therefore, different kind of packages need to be carried by different courier so as to make the biggest benefit. As a exchange student in Shenzhen, China for almost two years, I am now much familiar with the postal network there and would like to share my opinion related to shipping services within China.

Options you can choose to send parcels and their respective features.
China mail: China mail is available in any China post office and usually is the cheapest way to send a any parcel. This kind of mail is not so widely used than the China EMS and you need to be aware that do not use the surface mail as it has no guarantee. Many old Chinese people like to use this kind of mail to send letters to their friends as they are used to do. For most students who are come from a remote area, use it to send books, boxes, daily use articles to their hometown is also a cheap and convenient way.

China EMS: China EMS is often used by online e-commerce sellers to ship international goods to their buyers. Within China, there is not many people use this kind service. Instead, they usually choose Shunfeng and other private companies.

Private Companies: Apart from Shunfeng, the most popular private couriers in China are called "四通一达". They are ZTO Express, STO Express, YTO Express, Best Express and Yunda Express. Many enterprises, be it small, medium or large, usually have cooperation with Shunfeng to send their items as it provides the best on-time delivery services. However, many online sellers and ordinary people like to use "四通一达" companies to ship items as it has very low shipping fee and almost every street has it dropping places including those convenient stores.

International Couriers: International couriers like DHL, FedEx and UPS also provide shipping services within China as they have subsidiaries located in China. The staff there can speak English, most of the time, they can help you fill out the form and you do not need to worry that you will have problems in communicating if your English is poor. But the shipping fee there are 5-10 times higher than that of Shunfeng. Besides, you can only find them in the first-tier city like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on. Therefore, the shipping fee may not be a problem for you.

PS: After shipping your parcels, you may want to know their exact location. So, please do not forget to take care of your tracking number, usually on you receipt. With it, you can go and track your parcel on the designated courier official website or go to package tracking website, for example TrackingMore to track all your packages.


Track 4PX packages with ease

4PX Express was founded by Kevin Li in 2004. It now becomes one of China's biggest cross border solution provider. Sellers on cross border platform like AliExpress, eBay and TaoBao like to use 4PX to ship goods to their customers around the world. Although the global economy is not so good these days, but the enthusiasm for online shopping never seems to go down. Statistics shows that buyers from United States followed by Russia are the most two countries that 4PX need to handle shipments for.

4PX and Alibaba's logistics arm Cainiao
4PX got its investment from Alibaba's logistics arm Cainiao, the e-commerce giant, on July 2016. So the mainly freight forwarder that TaoBao uses to ship goods is 4PX as the former has 15 percent of the latter's stake. With Alibaba's injection, it soon has become the China's No. 1 service provider in cross border e-commerce. It now has over 50 subsidiaries, 20 overseas companies, 3200 employees worldwide.

What items that 4PX is restricted to ship?
We all know that every courier has an list of items that cannot be shipped. So what items that 4PX is restricted to ship? The following goods are all you need to avoid shipping when using 4PX.
1. Toxic/infectious substances;
2. liquids;
3. arms;
4. chemical meterials;
5. dangerous goods;
6. cigarette;
7. alcohol;
8. cash;
9. securities;
10. pirate goods;
11 prohibited goodsby IATA (International Air Transport Association).

What are the formats of 4PX tracking number?
The 4PX official website has not released the formats of its tracking number. Therefore, I gathered all the possible number formats from TrackingMore.com, a package tracking site which supports tracking orders from AliExpress, eBay, Wish, Amazon, Newegg, SheIn and platform or online stores you can name. There are six total formats.
1. Letter "A" and eight digits: A********
2. Two letters and nine digits and two letters: ##*********##
3. Two letters and nine digits and three letters: ##*********###
4. Twenty digits: ********************
5. Letter "P" and six "0" and six digits: P000000******  
6. Letter "S" and five "0" and seven digits: S00000*******

There are many ways to track your 4PX items. For example, you can browse your order history page to find the tracking info, send an email to your seller to request the tracking info, enter the 4PX official website to track your shipments and etc..But here, I would like to recommend an all in one package tracking tool: TrackingMore.

Steps to track 4PX parcels on TrackingMore.com.
Step 1: Enter the 4PX tracking page: https://www.trackingmore.com/4px-tracking.html;
Step 2: Input your tracking number on the rectangle box and then click "Track". You can also check other info like 4PX contact number, 4PX official website, 4PX reviews and etc..;

Step 3: Check your detailed tracking info and get the delivery status of your 4PX packages.

Why track your parcel on TrackingMore.com?
TrackingMore is a package tracking platform which supports tracking for 410 worldwide couriers, including couriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, China post, China EMS, ePacket, Singpost, 4PX and etc.. This means you can track all your items carried by different couriers or sold on different e-commerce platforms (AliExpress, BigCommerce, Wish, eBay, Lazard, Amazon...) in one place. It is designated to provide an integrated solution to help e-commerce grow.

Another distinct advantage is that TrackingMore provides you with the complete tracking info from origin to destination. Besides, if you cannot make sure which courier your tracking number belongs to, it can auto detect the courier and track for you. What's more? It is totally free.