Track DTDC orders, packages, shipments and parcels - DTDC tracking guide

Shipped a package by DTDC? Then you must be eager to know how to track DTDC orders. Today, I am going to tell you some methods to track DTDC shipments. However, before reading this guide, please also be aware that you need to provide a DTDC tracking number which usually appears on the recipient that DTDC courier gives to you. You can find your DTDC consignment number under a barcode. See below.
Now you have a DTDC tracking number and you can track your DTDC packages by following one of the below method.
Methods to check status of DTDC consignments
1. Track on DTDC tracking page on TrackingMore.
This method is the easiest and simplest way to track your DTDC parcels. All you need to do is entering DTDC courier tracking page and then inputting DTDC tracking number.
2. Go to DTDC official website.
Enter DTDC official website and find the track and trace page. At there, enter your reference number and click track, then your tracking info will show.
3. Track through SMS service
You can send text message (your courier name and consignment number) to phone number 9845324040. In this case, you can type "DTDC K92373490" and send it to phone number 9845324040. The text format is "DTDC<Space>Consignment Number".

What does RTO_INTR on DTDC tracking status mean?
RTO_INTR on DTDC tracking status means your package was sent back to the sender. Typical reason is that there is no one at home to receive items after DTDC did several delivery attempts or the delivery address is wrong and etc.. When this happens, I suggest you contact DTDC immediately and ask why your packages has been sent back and if there is way to remedy this. Typical DTDC tracking info explanations can be refer to "Detailed Explanations of Tracking Statuses".

If you are still have questions on tracking packages from DTDC courier, please leave me comments and I will see what shall I assist.

Trackon courier tracking - Check delivery status of Trackon orders

People who are not coming from India would seldom hear about this courier named Trackon. But if you once shipped goods with this courier, you will be very impressed about its reliable and time-definitive delivery service. To track Trackon packages, you can enter a third party parcel tracking site named TrackingMore which now supports shipment tracking from international 472 couriers worldwide.

Track Trackon Oorders?
Step 1: Enter Trackon tracking page.
Step 2: Enter Trackon tracking number which you will find on your shipping recipient.
Step 2: Click "Track" button and start tracking Trackon packages.

Trackon Customer Care Phone Number
Trackon Customer Care Phone Number provided here is for your reference once you encountered any problems in tracking Trackon packages.

Ahmedabad: Phone Number- 079 – 40242100 /101 /102 /103
Email Id- cs.ahmedabad@trackon.in

Bengaluru: Phone No- 080-41154730,41154731, 41154732
Email Id- cs.bangalore@trackon.in

Chandigarh: Phone- 0172-2657627 / 2657628 / 2650629 / 4640121
Email- cs.chandigarh@trackon.in

Chennai: Phone Number- 044-46617710,46617711
Email Id- cs.chennai@trackon.in

New Delhi:Phone- 011-45593500
Email- customercare@trackon.in

About Trackon
Trackon was first established in 2002 with two working offices located in Delhi and Mumbai. It now deals with 1,80,000 shipments per day under 1400 locations within India. It's official website also supports Trackon courier tracking. So to track Trackon packages, shipments and parcels, you can also enter Trackon official website.




1. Trackingmore國際快遞查詢網
2. 中國郵政官網查詢地址:
3. EMS官網查詢地址:
4. 國際包裹查詢:
5. 全球郵政聯盟UPU的官方網站


Poslaju Tracking - Track Poslaju Shipments online

If you shipped goods via Poslaju, you can track all of them on Poslaju official website, Malaysia post official website and TrackingMore Poslaju tracking website by entering your Poslaju tracking number. Some people may also call Poslaju as Pos Malaysia.

About Poslaju
Poslaju, with wide network coverage and large courier fleet, is the leading courier company in Malaysia. Poslaju offers better convenience and accessibility to connect all of Malaysia and beyond as it can virtually reaches to every area in Malaysia. It has more than 1,000 strategic locations across the country and 100 authorised agents.

Poslaju Services

Pos Laju Domestic: If you want to ship goods within Malaysia, you can use this Poslaju domestic services. According to the delivery time, it can be further classified as "Next Day Delivery",
"Same Day Delivery", and "Time Certain Service". While based on services kinds, it can be classified as "Borneo Economy Express", "Putrajaya Express" and "Pos Laju Prepaid Box & Envelope".

International Delivery: This kind of mail will be delivered by EMS Malaysia and Poslaju affiliated global courier companies. Items can be reached to worldwide 232 countries.

Whether you sent goods using services like Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Time Certain Service, Pos Parcel, Pos Ekspres, Pos Laju Pack and On-Demand Pick-up, you can track your Poslaju packages on TrackingMore as long as you are assigned a Poslaju tracking number. 

Tracking Poslaju shipments is just as easy as this way. Now, try tracking it online now.

Top Couriers In India - Best, Popular For Ecommerce

With the great development in e-commerce, courier companies are now increasing by leaps and bounds, which beyond any doubt brings people a lot of choices. However, almost every courier boasts itself the world's best shipping solution, so it is not that easy to distinguish which is the best. Knowing this, I gathered some info online and listed the most popular couriers in India and hope this can help e-retailers make decision on choosing the right courier.

Number One: India Post
India post is a government-operated postal system in India. It provides reliable e-commerce delivery service with a reasonable price. The biggest advantage of India Post compared to other couriers is the extensive delivery network it has. For customers who have just started out with their Ecommerce business, India Post Logistics service is the Holy Grail.
All India post packages can be tracked on India post tracking site.

Number Two: FedEx
FedEx is a commercial courier which provides excellent delivery service but the delivery network is very limited so that it can hardly be the best choice for online sellers who are targeting remote areas. FedEx packages can be fulfilled at this tracking page: https://www.trackingmore.com/fedextracking.html

Number Three: DTDC
DTDC was first established in 1990 which now has over 10,000 locations across the globe. It offers huge cost on delivering packages which certainly do not suit small and medium sized businesses.
If you want to track DTDC packages, you can go DTDC courier tracking site by entering your tracking number.

Number Four: First Flight
First Flight, established in year of 1986, was India's first courier company. It is one of leading domestic courier service in India which has 1200 domestic offices and even they serve international territories. TrackingMore supports First Flight tracking service to track all First Flight packages.

Number Five: Aramex
Aramex has rapidly grown into a global brand, recognized for its customized services and innovative products. The delivery price is very cheap. But the delivery service can be vary. It lacks some professionalism. Aramex shipments can not only be tracked on Aramex courier official website but also Aramex tracking site.

All in all, every courier has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the best courier, you need to consider your actual needs and budget. Above are only a small portion of India couriers. Others like Blue Dart, Ecom Express, Delhivery, XpressBees and so on are also recommended.




燕文物流(YANWEN EXPRESS)是一家專注於跨境電商物流供應鏈服務的物流公司,公司始創於1998年,通過代理和引入國內外快遞服務,並組織專業化團隊,為跨境電商賣家提供專業的物流服務。公司主營中國郵政、EMS、歐洲專線和香港小包;此外還有代理DHL,fedex,TNT和UPS的國際快遞服務。燕文物流目前是ebay,阿里巴巴,敦煌網,paypal等平臺的推薦國際物流服務商。




(## *** *** *** YP)  (## *** *** *** YW) 
(Y# *** *** *** CN)  (Y# *** *** ***)
(LP *** *** *** *** *)
燕文物流的物流服務產品包含有掛號包裹和平郵包裹,而對於平郵包裹,是沒有完整的物流跟蹤信息的,在查詢的時候,只能查到發件國交航的信息,並出現一條“yanwen track end”,代表物流信息不會再更新了。




1. 在淘寶購物時,可以選擇7-11取貨,當淘寶賣家將妳的包裹寄出時,會短信提示妳已經發貨,並提供壹個7-11的取貨碼。
2. 這個時候,可以在淘寶後臺的訂單查詢頁面去查看物流詳情,也可以直接去圓通快遞查詢頁面查到物流進度信息。https://www.trackingmore.com/yto-tracking/tw.html






Everything you need to know when tracking Zappos Orders

Zappos is the brand name of an online shoe and clothing shop. A lot of people are attracted by its free shipping and free returning policy when buying things from it. Do you know what basic things you need to know when tracking your Zappos orders?

Number One: How To Track Zappos Orders?
1. Click the link in the email you received from Zappos and you will be directed to the UPS, FedEx or USPS official website. Enter your tracking number in the track and trace page. Tracking number can be found in the email you received.
2. Just log into your Zappos account using your email address and password, then click on your order number in your order history.
3. Enter your tracking number in the following tracking page.
4. Enter your tracking number in the third party shipment tracking homepage and let it detect courier and track for you.

Number Two: Why Email Says Order Was Delivered, But I Did Not Receive It?
Sometimes, an order will be marked by courier as "delivered" when it is in the route for delivery. You need to wait for a while and see if you will receive it within the next one day. If this happens still, please do not hesitate to contact Zappos customer service.

Number Three: Will You Need To Sign For Your Packages?
Zappos do not require people to sign for their orders as long as they are not a gift for someone. Therefore, you do not need to do so typically.

Tips: If you find any exception or questions when tracking your Zappos packages, directly contact Zappos staff is highly recommended as they have every info about your packages so that things will go smoother by this way.

Tags: Zappos tracking package/ track info, Zappos order tracking, track Zappos packages, Zappos tracking


Free Shipment Tracking And Notification APP by TrackingMore at Wordpress

TrackingMore provides WooCommerce Shipment Tracking And Notification APP for merchants to track multiple parcels at a time. With this parcel tracking addon, sellers can substantially reduce labor force and save a lot time to concentrate on how to gain more sales.

With a wide range of supported couriers worldwide, it can meet the needs of the most majority. Support tracking of USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, China EMS & 472 carriers.

Main Features
Auto Import and track all your shipments in one place (Free)
Branded tracking page to view order status in one click. (Free)
Send email delivery notifications to engage your customers after sales (Free)
Customized parcel tracking widget for customers to track parcels at ease (Free)

Sign Up Free! No Credit Card Required!
Before you download this plugin, you need to sign up free for a TrackingMore account. TrackingMore will not require you any credit card info, just enter your email address and password.

Auto Import and track all your shipments in one place!
Once you have installed this WooCommerce parcel tracking plugin, TrackingMore will auto import and track your orders every 8 hours. Besides, customer email address, order number, tracking number and the right courier will be matched correctly in your TrackingMore account.

And all those info and tracking info details will be displayed all in one panel for you to check. You can also filter those "items" based on your analysis needs.

Branded tracking page to view order status in one click.
You can set your unique tracking link here: https://my.trackingmore.com/tracking_page.php?lang=en to track packages. This is good to promote your brand and products because you can add your brand logo, social account, shop name, shop url and etc.. on the tracking page. What's more? Tracking link will also appear in the delivery email notifications you sent to your customers.

Send email delivery notifications to engage your customers after sales!
TrackingMore has a sophisticated status judgment rules. Every package imported into TrackingMore account will be auto assigned as a status based on the tracking info, such as "Not Found", "Exception", "Delivered" and so on. Sellers can set which status to send email delivery notifications.

Customized parcel tracking widget for customers to track parcels at ease!
Sellers can embed a tracking widget on their wordpress shop for customers to track packages on their own site. Therefore, there will be less queries about "Where is my packages".

Follow this guide to Add Tracking Widget at WooCommerce, only take one minute!


Shree Tirupati Courier Tracking

TrackingMore provides Shree Tirupati courier tracking service for people around the globe for free. All you need to do is enter Shree Tirupati courier tracking page and enter your tracking number to track your consignment.

This is a best replacement for going to Shree Tirupati courier official website to track your packages so far. If you shipped your goods via Shree Tirupati courier, you can check your delivery time at below. All the shipping time below is an estimated time for your reference. The actual delivery time may vary due to wrong delivery address, email address or bad weather and so on.

About Shree Tirupati Courier
SHREE TIRUPATI COURIER SERVICE PVT. LTD. is one of the Fastest Growing Courier in India. Within short period of small time. We have established more than thousand Branches in all over India. Our planning to establish maximum branches throughout in India as early as possible.

Shree Tirupati Courier Delivery Time
To know Shree Tirupati courier delivery time, we can get that from Shree Tirupati courier delivery service. See below.
Same Day Express: This service will ensure you get the parcel there on the day you lodge it with us, subject to when the consignment is collected and availability of domestic flights, where applicable.
Overnight Express: This service guarantees delivery by 10:30 AM the following working day.

However, not all shipments can be traceable or updated in time. If you found any exception during tracking your Shree Tirupati courier packages, you can try below method to contact customer service.
Shree Tirupati courier official website: http://www.shreetirupaticourier.net/
Shree Tirupati courier customer phone number: 0281-2460515

Safexpress Tracking - Track Safexpress Courier Online

Track Safexpress courier is very easy. You can enter your Safexpress tracking number in the Safexpres tracking link and all your info will appear. If your order was shipped by Safexpress, you can ask your seller about your Safexpress waybill/consignment number and then track your Safexpress packages by following the above methods.

Sometimes, your package may take longer days on the way to your address than usual, so you may need to contact Safexpress courier for more details. In this case, you can refer to below Safexpress courier customer service in India.

You can reach the below contact for queries on Safexpress locations, freights, online tracking, cargo rates, express delivery or other questions on Safexpress services in India.

General Safexpress Customer Care
Phone: 1800 113 113 (toll free)
Email: safexpress@safexpress.com

Regional Offices Safexpress Customer Contacts
Ahmedabad: 02717-251387 /88
Bangalore: 080-28549009 (five lines)
Bhopal: 0755-2852634
Bhubaneshwar: 0674-2588394
Chennai: 044-65218247
Cochin: 0484-2609415
Delhi: 0124-2348621 – 26
Guwahati: 0361-2134341 /42
Jaipur: 0141-2332981
Kolkata: 033-26594151 (five lines)
Lucknow: 0522-2476065 /66
Mumbai: 02522-654581 (ten lines)
Goa: 0832-2888501
Patna: 0612-2692911
Pune: 02114-235891
Secunderabad: 040-27952711 (five lines)
Hyderabad: 040-27952711 (five lines)
Srinagar: 0194-2470049
Ajmer: 0145-2695791
Assam: 0373-2322471

You can call Safexpress customer service representative and ask them everything about Safexpress services or make complaints about them.

Safexpress PVT. Limited Head Office
Safexpress is not new to people who lives in India as it is located in that country. And the exact location of Safexpress is Safex Cargo Complex, National Highway No. 8, Mahipalpur Extension, New Delhi – 110 037.

As you can see, track Safexpress courier online is not complicated at all. And if you have any questions about Safexpress courier, just contact its customer care.


Yanwen Express Tracking - Track Yanwen Express Packages

If you are a frequent online buyer who usually buy things on AliExpress.com, then you must be very familiar to Yanwen Express logistics. A lot of sellers in China would like to be a partner with this logistics company as it is very cheap.

Track Yanwen express package is not hard nowadays. You can simply go to Yanwen tracking page and enter your tracking number. This page can show every detailed tracking info of your packages and other features other functions can be available. Check below.
-Automatic send email notifications when there is a new update.
-Display Yanwen Express or Yanwen logistics official website and customer phone number.
-Classify status based on tracking info.
-Show total days your package on the way.
-Review Yanwen express and voice your opinion.

Please note that only registered Yanwen express packages can be traceable. And some packages only provide tracking info in origin country. That is why you may find there is tracking info of "Yanwen track end" when it is leaving origin country. When this happens, the only thing you can do is to contact seller or wait until the package is delivered to you.

Ekart Tracking - Flipkart Logistics Tracking

Ekart is the built-in supply chain logistics management company of Flipkart marketplace. Ekart tracking number usually starts with letters "FMPC" and is consisted of 14 characters. If you bought something from Flipkart marketplace, you can click Ekart Tracking to track your ekart packages.

Some people may ask that since you can enter Flipkart official website and track your packages. So, why still go to a third party package tracking site to track Ekart packages? The reason is that when you go Flipkart to track orders, you need to enter a tracking number and your email address, while on a professional courier tracking site, all you need to do is entering your tracking number. Would not it be much easier? 

Again, when you come back to Flipkart courier tracking page, you may waste your time and money on browsing and purchasing other products as they will be promoted by merchants on Flipkart marketplace. Besides, a third party courier trackng site is more professional than any other place to track your orders.


CS-Cart Parcel Tracking Plugin - Auto Import and Track Orders

As an online seller who owns a shop on CS-Cart, you must be very interested in how to reduce your cost and save your time when tracking CS-Cart orders. If you are running an CS-Cart shop, you can try this CS-Cart Parcel Tracking Plugin to help you auto import and track orders.

How CS-Cart Parcel Tracking Plugin Works?
To get this plugin, users need to sign up free for a TrackingMore account. Once users downloaded the parcel tracking plugin from CS-Cart marketplace or connected CS-Cart shop to TrackingMore. This plugin will enable them to get order status info, order ID, customer address, courier name automatically as TrackingMore will auto import and track orders from CS-Cart shop. You can enter any of below links to get this plugin.
1. https://www.trackingmore.com/apps-cs-cart.html.
2. http://marketplace.cs-cart.com/add-ons/customer-experience/trackingmore-parcel-tracking-add-on.html?sl=en.

Please note as CS-Cart support 75 carriers by default, See below list.
BlueDart, Colissimo, Ontrac, ICC World, India Post, DHL Germany, Hermes Germany, DPD Germany, GLS Germany, GLS Europe, Courier Post, DPD Ireland, GD Express, Gati, Yodel, Hongkong Post, MyHermes, Interparcel Australia, La Poste France, AB Lietuvos, paštas, LBC Express, New Zealand Post, Naparex, An Post, Aramex, Australian Post, Afghan Post, ATS Healthcare, A One International, BRT Corriere Espresso, Belarus Post, Belgium Post, Bulgarian, Post, Camper, Correios, Ceva, Collect +, Danske Fragtmænds, FastWay Australia, FastWay New Zealand, Finland Post, JNE – Express Across Nations, Japan Post, Overseas Courier Service, Orbit Worldwide Express, Parcel Force, Postnl, Post Office UK, Post Denmark, Post Nord, Posten, Parcel 2 Go, Parcel Link, Pos Malaysia, Pakistan Post, Po?ta Român?, SM Couriers, Spee Dee, DHL Parcel Neaderland, SEUR, Trade Link International, TNT Express, TOL Australlia, Urgent Air India, Wk Mail, ACS, Royal Mail, Chronopost France, Chronopost International, TNT France, DelhiVery, Blaze Flash Domestic, DTDC, First Flight and GoJavas

So we suggest you select frequently used couriers at your TrackingMore backstage and check all supported couriers on TrackingMore to see if yours are included. If you found that we do not support the carrier you are using, please do not hesitate to contact TrackingMore Customer Service Representatives and let them add that for you.

OnePlus Order Tracking - Track OnePlus Order Status

Do you know how to Track OnePlus Orders? Where can you go to track your order if you have bought an item from an international e-commerce site, like OnePlus? I know you can enter your purchase page and check the tracking info. But would not it be too complicated especially sometimes an order id and email address are needed to be provided.

Actually, tracking OnePlus order status is very simple and easy. As far as I know, goods shipped from OnePlus will be carried by DHL, USPS, UPS, FEDEX, PLPOST, DEDHL and SFHK. So, if you have bought something from OnePlus, ask your seller the tracking number and the carrier name, and then enter one of the below link to track your packages.

If OnePlus just gives you a tracking number, you can go to this shipment tracking website to track. It can auto detect courier for you.