Canada Post Tracking FAQ - Trackingmore

Canada Post Tracking FAQ 

1. How to track Canada post packages online?
 You can get Canada post tracking results in trackingmore.com. To get started, you may need enter your tracking number in the text box below.

You can also try the official site canada post tracking tool. You can get the tracking results if you have one of the following: Tracking number, Delivery notice card, Reference number.

2. What is a Canada Post tracking number?
  • 0000 0000 0000 0000 (16 digits)  
  • AA 000 000 000 AA(13 digits)
  • 00 000 000 000 (12 digits)
3. What does "ready for pick up" mean?
Ready for pick up means your package has arrived at a post office and it is ready for pick up.
When you go to the post office, you must bring your Goverment-issued photo ID and your delivery notice card(if you have one). You can also send someone to take your place. They will need to bring photo ID and the delivery notice card or a letter of authorization.

4. What does "Notice left" mean in track status?
Notice left means the package is sent to a post office for pick up. This could happen for many reasons:
  • The item won't fit in the mail compartment
  • The community mailbox is full
  • No one was available to receive the item, but the sender hasn't approved a Safe Drop
  • No one is available to receive the item and there is no protected, secure location in which to leave it
  • If the sender has requested the "card for pickup" option, the item must be picked up at a post office.
5. What does "Delivered as a safe drop" mean?
The Canada Post attempt to deliver your package directly to you, but if you are not available to receive them, the post man will leave the package in a safe area at your place(a "safe drop"). So you don't need to go to a post office yourself to pick it up.



Track Hong Kong Post packages - trackingmore

Hong Kong post tracking

Enter Hong Kong Post tracking number in the text box below, and click the track button, you can get the tracking results.

FAQ about Hong Kong post tracking

1. What is the Hong Kong post tracking number format?
The tracking number usually ending with HK. If it is a EMS tracking number, the first letter will be E. For example: EE123456785HK is an Hong Kong EMS tracking number.
( # Letter, * Digit, ! Letter Or Digit )    
(R# *** *** *** HK)   (V# *** *** *** HK)  (A# *** *** *** HK)    
(C# *** *** *** HK)   (E# *** *** *** HK)   (L# *** *** *** HK)

2. How to contact Hong Kong post?

If you can't track Hong Kong post online, you may want to contact them. Here is the contact information:

General Enquiry
Tel: (852) 2921 2222*
Fax: (852) 2868 0094
E-mail: hkpo@hkpo.gov.hk
* Hongkong Post will not contact members of the public through this telephone number.

Enquiry and Complaint
Stamps and Philately: spd@hkpo.gov.hk
Mail Tracing: mto@hkpo.gov.hk
Others: hkpo@hkpo.gov.hk

Hong Kong International Mail Processing Centres

HKHKGA - Hong Kong AIR Mail Centre
HKHKGC - Hong Kong General Post Office/spt
HKHKGD - HK Post Tuen MUN Logistics Centre
HKHKGE - Hong Kong AIR Mail Centre / Special
HKHKGF - HK GPO AIR Registered Letter Sect
HKHKGG - Hong Kong Central Mail Centre
HKHKGH - Hong Kong Surface Mail Centre
HKHKGJ - Hongkong SS
HKHKGK - HK AMC Next AM-DAY Delivery - KLN
HKHKGL - HK AMC Next Am/day Delivery - HK
HKHKGM - HK AMC Next Am/day Delivery - Mixed
HKHKGN - Hong Kong Next DAY Delivery Service
HKHKGO - HK AMC Economy Express - HK
HKHKGP - HK AMC Economy Express - KLN
HKHKGQ - HK AMC Economy Express - Mixed
HKHKGR - HK Kwaichung SPT Operations Centre
HKHKGB - Kowloon SPT Operations Centre


China Post Tracking Sites

China post Tracking

Track China post Priority Mail | Package | Shipments Online

A lot of people try to track China Post every day.  When you type China Post Tracking in google, you can get 19.9 million results. So, which one is the best answer? I will compare several tracking sites, and help you to make the right choice.

Different package tracking sites

Trackingmore is a third-party tracking site, it is not the official site of China Post, but the truth is, you can actually get more tracking info from this site than other sites. Because, it provide the origin country info as well as the destination country info of the package. 
You can put a tracking number in the button above to test this site. 

2. The official China post site-http://intmail.11185.cn/zdxt/yjcx/
This site is designed for Chinese speaking users. They do not have a English-version, so it is not easy to use. But still useful in China. You can track your tracking number here, but the tracking info is in Chinese. So you still need the google translator.

About China Postal Service 

Solely owned by the state, China Post Group is a large-scale enterprise established in line with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Industrial Enterprises Owned by the Whole People.

The main business scope of the Group includes: domestic and international mail delivery services, circulation of news papers, journals and books, stamp issuing, production and sale of philatelic collections, postal remittance services, confidential correspondence communication, postal financial services, postal express delivery and logistics services, e-business, a variety of postal agency businesses and other businesses as allowed by the state. 

China post tracking service

China Post Mail
China Post Registered Mail
China Post Ordinary Parcel

note: China EMS is not the same with China post service. If your tracking number is begin with the letter "L"or"E", you need try another China EMS tracking site.

China Post Number Rules:   (# Letter, * Digit)
( R# *** *** *** CN )    ( V# *** *** *** CN )
( A# *** *** *** CN )    ( C# *** *** *** CN )
( XA *** *** *** ** )              

China post customer care

Tel: +86 11185
Email: webmaster@chinapost.com.cn

Hours of Operation
Monday – Sunday 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM   GMT+8


What is a tracking number?

A tracking number is an alpha-numeric number string assigned to an item for the purpose of tracking. It is very useful for knowing the location of time sensitive deliveries when the corresponding barcode of it is being scanned as an item moves from collection through to delivery.

Many customers use the number to know the transportation process of their stuff. It is developed because it gives the detailed information about the time, route, and current status of the consignment and many people need this. There are many tools even provides both origin courier and destination courier info all in one place. For example, if you shipped a package from USA to China, you can enter USPS TRACKING instead of enter China post and USPS. This is very simple and time saving.

The tracking number is essential to locate the exact position of your dispatched item. So when buying things online, please do not forget to ask the seller to give you one.


Shipment Tracking Statuses

There are seven kinds of statuses been defined by Trackingmore during the shipment transportation process, they are "Not Found", "Transit", "Out for Delivery", "Delivered", "Failed Attempt", "Exception" and "Expired". Those statuses are all judged by our system automatically according to the tracking details and are references to worldwide users. If you found that our system has any misjudgments, please contact us to improve and we will correct it and make our rules more perfect.

So, what do all the statuses mean? Let me explain this to you.

1. Not Found
The status "Not Found" means your tracking info is not available currently. But you may track it after a while. This usually due to the following reasons.
1. The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet.
2. The carrier hasn't scanned and entered your package tracking info into its system yet.
3. Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.
4. Your tracking number has been removed from carrier's system.

2. Transit
The status "Transit" means your shipment is in transit and has a good transportation condition. The transit days means the total days on the road. For most of shipments, the status would be: Transit>Out for Delivery>Delivered. Eg.:

3. Out for Delivery
The status "Out for Delivery" means your package has arrived at the local point or is on the way to your home. Eg.:

4. Delivered
The status "Delivered" means your package has been delivered. Congratulations! Eg.:

5. Failed Attempt
The status "Failed Attempt" means your package has been delivered once, but due to some reason, it failed to reach to you. Usually, the courier will arrange another delivery soon. Eg.:

6. Exception
The status "Exception" means your package might have been sent to the sender, have damaged ,lost or other exceptions. Eg.:

7. Expired
The status "Expired" means your package has no update info for one month or has not been delivered for two month. When this happens, please contact the courier to inquire more details. Eg.: