Shipping by Canada Post

Canada Post is one of the most efficient and reliable shipping providers in Canada.
Whether you’re shipping within Canada or around the world, Canada Post can offer relatively competitive prices and reliable service. Canada Post is able to access the most addresses in the country and let over 6,200 post offices provide even more options for convenient receiving.

Sending parcels in Canada and abroad
Ship in Canada
It seems that Canada Post seems to be the only provider that delivers to every address in Canada
Ship internationally
Canada Post delivers to the U.S. and more than 190 countries worldwide. Big or small, by air or by surface, they deliver everywhere in the world your business takes you. They also offer on-time delivery guarantees, tracking and signature options.

Track and find
Wondering where your parcel is? Missing some address information?
To get international tracking info from Canada Post. Click Canada Post Tracking Number.

Get discounts when you ship a lot
If you ship more than 1,250 parcels in Canada or 750 parcels internationally every year, contact Canada Post for volume-based discounts and access to their online shipping tools.


EMS Tracking through TrackingMore

What is EMS

 Express Mail Service - EMS is an express delivery service which connects more than 190 countries and territories worldwide.

A priority mail service - EMS is provided by the Post as their postal express service for documents and merchandise. EMS takes priority over other postal services.

Convenient - EMS can be sent from Post Office counters in over 190 countries or it can be collected from customer's premises. The EMS network has the most customer access points in the world based on Post Office counters.

Largest delivery network worldwide - EMS postal operators have the largest last mile coverage worldwide supported by the postal delivery network.

Major Users of EMS

EMS is used to ship international packages through the post office. Many wholesalers, international eBay sellers and retailers use this service.

How to Track EMS

To track your EMS item, please enter your 13 digit item number (e.g. EZ987654321XX) which is given to each EMS item. If you do not know the EMS item number, you can obtain this from the sender.
Click here: Tracking info

Advantages of TrackingMore


Package Tracking Made Easy

Need to learn the status of your shipment, find a package, or get proof of delivery? That’s where we come in. Use our tracking tool to get easy package tracking and shipment location services for regional, national and international shipping providers.

Manage Online Shopping

More and more people are starting to do their shopping online, saving time and money. However, managing all of your shipments can be tough, especially if you dealing with multiple shipping providers. Save yourself the headache and use our service to track all packages from 523 couriers.

Track Packages Efficiently

If you trying to manage all of your packages using emails, you may end up with links that don't work. Not to mention, entering your tracking numbers at different websites can stress you out, especially if you forgot which shipper you used. We solved this issue by allowing you to enter your tracking number and get your results in real–time. Don’t know which shipping company has your package? No worries. We offer smart auto-detect technology that will quickly determine the shipper based on the tracking number.


E-mall: a new e-commerce solution offered by Saudi Post

The Saudi Post, during its long history, has gone through three main stages: pre-foundation of the Kingdom, foundation of the Kingdom by His Majesty the late King (founder) Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud and the modernization and development stage. Its vision is to be an independently effective commercial postal operator with diverse areas of activity, operating on a commercial basis and providing high quality public services and competitive commercial products.

To offer e-commerce solutions and services in both English and Arabic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, E-mall is offered by Saudi Post. E-mall becomes the first platform to serve E-commerce. It allows the companies, profit organizations, and charities in the kingdom to show and sell their products and services online. Thus, customers are able to view the products by category and pay the price of the purchases through SADAD service, credit cards or in cash at Saudi Post offices spread all over the Kingdom, then delivers them directly to the customer's address through Saudi Post delivery network. E-mall offers a 24-hour customer service via the unified call center 920005590 and E-mall social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. ​

One of the most important aims of launching E-mall is providing the world concept of electronic shopping service through an easy and safe user display interface with the latest technologies and website protection protocols. Therefore, the customer can log into the website www.e-mall.com.sa, register, view the list of available products and services, and select his favorite products. The customer then follows the steps, selects the delivery address and pays the price. E-mall relies on Saudi Post logistic network, with more than 6000 contact points all over the Kingdom, to transport and deliver as well as ship abroad to different countries at reasonable prices.

E-mall is also aimed at giving many commercial opportunities to Saudi entrepreneurs via the website that serve them for being the most suitable for displaying its products and services to the biggest potential segment. This will ensure the wide spread, increase the views and sales ratio, and yield considerable revenues for the entrepreneur.

To get Saudi Post tracking info directly, go to Saudi Post parcel tracing


What do the statuses mean when tracking my item?

When tracking your item, there are a few different status updates you may see along the way. Here's what they all mean:

Awaiting collection

‘Awaiting collection’ means that your item is waiting for you at the Post Office indicated on the card left in your letterbox, or in the SMS / email notification.

Contact sender

‘Contact sender’ means that your item has been returned to the sender.   You should contact the sender of the item directly for an update.  

Customer enquiry lodged

‘Customer enquiry lodged’ means either the sender or addressee has contacted the Customer Care team with an enquiry about this item. It doesn’t relate to the physical location of your parcel.


Your parcel has been ‘delivered’!


‘Dispatched’ means:
•    your parcel is on its way overseas, and it has been received into the international system and is awaiting delivery, or
•    you have an item coming to you from an international location and it has been ‘dispatched’ by the sender

In transit

You may see ‘in transit’ as your parcel status for a few days. This is because, between origin and destination, your parcel usually won’t be re-scanned. But it is moving through the parcel network.

Invalid track ID

The ‘invalid tracking ID’ status could mean:
•    you’ve entered the wrong number – please double check it and try again, or
•    the number isn’t being recognized by the tracking system – please wait 24 hours and try again, or
•    the item you’re tracking is more than two months old

Not trackable

You might see the status ‘product not trackable’ or ‘sorry, this item can't be tracked’ if you’re using an international delivery service that doesn’t come with tracking as a standard feature.


‘Pending – no events yet’ means your item hasn’t been scanned yet. Try tracking your item again in 24 hours – the status should have been updated.

Possible delay

‘Possible delay’ means the logistics service has received your item, but delivery might be delayed due to something like a flood or traffic incident. For international parcels, they may need to be inspected further by Customs. Try tracking your item in another day or so, or contact the sender to follow up.


‘Processing’ means the shipping information has been received and approved that the sender has entered into the online system.


The status ‘started’ means that the sender has entered shipping details into the online system, but it hasn’t received by the logistics service yet. Try tracking your item again in 24 hours – the status should have been updated.

Unable to gain access

‘Unable to gain access’ means there was a reason postmen couldn’t access the property to deliver your item, like a locked gate or a dog. In these cases, your parcel will be taken to a nearby Post Office, and the postie will leave a card to let you know where and when you can collect it.

Unsuccessful pickup

‘Unsuccessful pickup’ means a pickup has been booked for the parcel, but postmen were unable to collect it. This could be because no one was at the pickup address or we couldn’t gain access, the address was incorrect, or the parcel wasn’t ready to be collected.

To get the tracking info for yourself, enter Parcel tracking

What E-solutions can be offered by Overnite Express?

Overnite Express Ltd - Domestic & International Couriers - embarked on its journey in the year 1987 with offices located only in the major metros of the country namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Since then, the company have been growing rapidly. To improve user experience, Overnite Express provide its users with e-solutions. Here are three ways recommended to you.


eTrack is Overnite's answer to portals with shopping carts. This software integrates with the portal so that visitors and customers of that Portal can track the shipment right on that portal itself.
The client can integrate the system in its website by just giving a link to Overnite eTrack engine which opens a Pop-up window to facilitate the visitor with pre-formatted tracking results.
eTrack opens up many possibilities as it allows one to connect seamlessly with Overnite's tracking engine and ease the shipping processes and tracking by integration of Overnite's automated tracking functions into company intranets, general purpose websites, and corporate information systems.

SMS Track

SMSTrack is a powerful tool to update you on the status of your shipment through mobile phone.
Send an SMS and you will get the status immediately.
Example (1): For Airway Bill Number Tracking: TYPE < Airway Bill Number> SEND TO <56767111>
Example (2): For Reference Number Tracking: TYPE SEND TO <56767111>

Web Track

International Transport by Netherlands Post

Netherlands Post(PostNL) is a postal service company in the Netherlands, known as TNT POST, and provides mail, parcel and e-commerce operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, founded on 26 May 2011. headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands.

To save time and effort with its collection and delivery service. The International Transport of Netherlands Post is specially designed to enable smooth delivery of cross-border B2C shipments. Parcels will be directly picked up on site and delivered to consumers in the Netherlands or elsewhere. Any size shipment can be handled by it – from one or two pallets to several truckloads.

The advantages of Netherlands Post International Transport
Fully integrated collection and distribution service ensures worry-free deliveries
A highly flexible solution for any shipment size
Tailored to individual needs and preferences (collection times, delivery speed, etc.)

How it works
Netherlands Post collects any B2C shipment – no matter how large or small – from warehouse or production facilities abroad and delivers it quickly and safely to consumers in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

International Transport rates are calculated based on shipment volume, frequency, and country of origin. Tailored solutions will be offered to their customers according to the Netherlands Post.

To get Netherlands Post tracking info, enter Netherlands Post or Netherlands Post tracking


The good services you cannot miss by Ecom express

Ecom Express is a courier in India which provide express delivery solutions for ecommerce retailers in India. The Ecom Express team has varied and rich experience of over 100 years which makes the company become one of the leading logistics service providers.


For products ordered online, automated information systems are used for end-to-end order tracking. To track your Ecom express, go to Ecom express or Ecom tracking. Cash or Digital payment solutions are accepted.


Ecom express offers tailor-made solutions on Reverse Logistics in which effective coordination with end-consumers ensures timely pick-up and delivery of products back to partner establishment within 24 to 72 hours of intimation, every day for 365 days a year - including Sundays/Holidays so that end-customers receive their refunds in a timely manner. This unique service is supported by ready-to-ship packaging with best in class process capabilities in ensuring ease of pickup and returns.


This service designed by Ecom express offers end-to-end cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions both in managing import and export orders. Because of that, customers shopping on international e-tailers enjoy faster deliveries at their doorstep thereby providing unmatched access to international e-tailers hoping to expand their footprint in India.
Similarly, services are extended to Indian e-tailers wanting to fulfil the orders placed online by customers residing in other countries. The services include Customs clearing, bonded warehousing and deliveries at the doorstep of end-consumers.


The digital mobile application facilitates digital services for diversified industries including Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Telecommunications. These services are provided at the door step of end-consumers.
These services are offered through their secured mobile application using encrypted devices.

Things you need to know about Russian Post

Russian Post is a federal post operator, is included in the Russian Federation strategic companies list. It includes 42,000 offices across the country and has one of the biggest staff – about 350,000 post workers.

Every year, Russian Post delivers over 2.5 billion letters (of them 1 billion letters are from state authorities) and some 140 million parcels. Russian Post services about 20 million subscribers in Russia by delivering 1 billion copies of print publications per year. The annual volume of transactions processed by Russian Post is 3.5 trillion rubles (pensions, payments and transfers). In 2014, Russian Post’s net profit was 1.2 billion, which is more than 50 times compared to 2013.

Mail services provided by Russian post

All traditional mail services could be found in Russian Post offices. Besides it offers to cash payment cards, accept utilities payments, support cash transfers, receive and pay off consumer loans, and to sell lottery, rail, flight and theatre tickets. It also retails various products including phone cards, envelopes and, of course, postage stamps. Since December 2013 in a pilot program, Moscow clients of the Russian Post began to receive free SMS notification of passage of parcels from abroad. According to the postal operator, a notice will inform the customer about the admission of international mail at the point of issuance and will complement the traditional paper notices.

International exchange points 

In order to speed up the time for delivery of international parcels, the Russian Post opened two new international postal exchange points in Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. The latter one can process up to two thousand international EMS-daily departures, with an area more than 2,000 square meters. The Yekaterinburg Koltsovo international postal exchange point is the first international postal exchange in the Urals Federal District. It can handle up to 20,000 parcels and small packets per day in the 3,700m facility. In addition there are exchange points in Bryansk, Samara, Orenburg, Petrozavodsk and Vladivostok.

To get Russian Post tracking info, enter Russian Post tracking


International Seur: ecological vehicles are used in its logistics transport syetem

International Seur, founded in 1942, is the first company to provide comprehensive transportation and logistics services for urgent goods in Spain. Customer care, innovative strategy, cost-effective, personalized and high quality services and cutting-edge solutions makes the company the leader in logistics industry. Now, Seur has made its efforts to improve the environment by using ecological vehicles.

In recent years, pollution has become one of the main concerns of the society in which we live. It is true that the ecological conscience is growing at the same rate as the alarming data of contamination of our planet which is not always easy to stop. However, one of the greatest solutions in this matter is the automotive sector.

It is a very particular dialectic, but simple to understand: motor vehicles are one of the main sources of pollution on the planet and, therefore, it is one of the main objectives to be taken into account when reducing the emission of harmful harmful gases for the ecosystem.

In urban parcel and courier transport, new measures contribute to a clean and more efficient transport. Here Seur includes the delivery of packages with unmanned drones, the electrification of the logistics transport - especially with electric bikes in the main urban centers - and, in another smaller scale, the electric bikes are used by eco-deliverers (messengers who use the bicycle), mainly for the delivery of urgent parcels and in the delivery of food at home.

In Spain, night logistics is being promoted as a measure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by taking advantage of the distribution in off-peak and night hours. This initiative has been promoted after the study carried out by the Association of Companies of Great Consumption (AECOC), which shows that one out of four delivery trucks can not park in the loading or unloading area assigned to them, with the consequent excess pollution while looking for where to park. Seur has done quite a good job in this aspect.

Obviously, Seur has realized the importance to make changes in the consumer environment (that is, private cars).Seur thus aims its focus on the fleets of vehicles used during express deliveries. Vans and delivery bikes in urban centers, traveling long distances in one day are a source of significant emissions into the atmosphere (NOx, SOx and CO2).

New mobility models 

The combination of private efforts to develop and implement new technologies to the transportation system, and public initiatives such as the MOVEA Plan, contributes to creating models of multimodal accessibility,and to the organization of transport and logistics efficiency. This allows to reduce the light, acoustic and atmospheric pollution; traffic congestion and improve the efficiency of urban transport.

For Seur tracking info, click seur tracking

What is EUB?

EUB is a courier express delivery service (China EMS) to provide economical international courier services for cross-border e-commerce about the light and small items delivery. It uses postal customs clearance to enter the postal light and small parcels network for delivery. Single piece weight limit: 2kg; reference time limit:7-10 working days.

EUB is also called E-Express in Hong Kong. In general, the international eub is a very competitive logistics product, the price is much cheaper than DHL and other international express services. It also provides timely and full logistics information. Thus, it becomes one of the most popular logistics methods for AliExpress and Ebay ; of course, its shortcomings are also very obvious: it only offers services to a small number of countries and only ships products below 2 kg. However, eub is now gradually opening up some new national routes.

EUB official website:

EUB number rules:
EUB number often has 13 digits, with “L” at the start and “CN” at the end.
To be more specific: eub often has “LQ/LK/LM/LN/LX/AG” at the start and “CN” at the end.

Countries and regions served by EUB
United States, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Thailand, Israel, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Norway, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Greece

Package dimensions & weight required by EUB
Weight limit: 2 kg; Israel - 3 kg Maximum size of single piece: length, width and thickness do not exceed 90 cm in total, and the longest side does not exceed 60 cm. Single piece minimum size: not less than 14 cm in length and not less than 11 cm in width.

For EUB tracking info, go to epacket tracking

What can AEC bring to LBC express?

LBC Express, founded in 1945, is the first company to put forward the issue of timeliness of goods distribution in Philippines and the first company to provide door-to-door services 24 hours a day. Today, it is the most reliable supplier for all Filipinos.

Whats AEC

Recently, LBC express meets a big event: the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) recently formalized the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). After eight years of development, ASEAN unifies a market worth USD 2.6 trillion with a population of more than 622 million. 

The advantages for joining ASEAN

Through the AEC, members of the ASEAN, namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, will have easier access to the trade and investments with each other. This means that local companies have a better chance of expanding their operations further into the ASEAN region.

Challenges LBC will meet

Serving a market the size of the ten member states will definitely be a daunting challenge for most businesses, but LBC Express, Inc. President and Chief Operations Officer Miguel Camahort feels that “The AEC has made it easier than ever for SMEs and start-ups to be able to tap the 7th largest economic region in the world, and the 3rd largest in Asia. This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the global competitiveness of the Filipino”.

Things LBC can offer to AEC

Utilizing LBC’s vast network and dedicated use of over a hundred delivery hubs, over 60 full service teams, and over 2,000 personnel, LBC Business Solutions applies the same brand of service LBC is known for at a larger scale. The group is focused on providing professional customized solutions that are able to meet the most challenging demands, while emphasizing on cost- effectiveness and reliable customer service.

To directly get LBC tracking info, click LBC Express Tracking