Beware of Remote Area - trackingmore

1. What is a remote area?
Remote Area is defined by different courier such as DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT, although DHL can send packages to all over the world, there is still some place where DHL need to spend more time and money to deliver a package. To ensure DHL provide excellent service for these places, the shipper need to pay extra expense called "remote area surcharge". 

2. How much is the remote area surcharge?
Usually it is not cheap, for each package, the remote area surcharge is about 20$. If you can detect the remote area before the package is shipped, you can choose EMS to ship these remote area packages. In this way, you can avoid these remote area surcharges.

3. How to check whether a place is a remote area or not?
We already know it is very important to check whether a place is a remote area. Then how to check that? You can check these links below:
(1) DHL remote area 
(2) Dhl remote area surchage
(3) UPS remote area
(4) Fedex remote area  
(5) TNT remote area
You can also use this link to track large quantities of areas: search for remote area-trackingmore .

4. Examples
(1)Use DHL official site:
Enter the destination country and Zip code.

If this place is a remote area, it will show remote area surcharge:

(2) Use trackingmore 
Click the import button, you can see the window below:

Enter the country code and post code in the csv file.You can get the results after you upload this file.

And you will get the results below: