DHL Germany Tracking

DHL Germany is known as Deutsche Post DHL Group, DHL. It provides many kinds of logistics services, including DHL Packet, DHL Express, DHL Freight, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Supply Chain. You can ship your goods through DHL Germany within Germany or outside Germany. It offers professional and global express services as well as customized logistics solutions to its customers.

If you shipped an item through DHL Germany, you can always track DHL Germany Packages easily. You can not only enter the DHL Germany official website but also the DHL Germany tracking page with your tracking number. If you enter your tracking number on the TrackingMore homepage, it will auto detect the courier for you. For international DHL Germany packages, both the origin tracking info and destination tracking info of the package will appear on the tracking page. Also, you can try to call DHL Germany tracking api of TrackingMore to track packages. If those two methods are not enough for you to track DHL Germany packages, you can also import numbers through an CSV file and track. Just remember the last method requires users to sign up for an TrackingMore account first.

Now you can ship goods through DHL Germany with ease and relax. Never to worry about whereabouts of your packages.


Track Deutsche Post Parcels with a ship date

Nowadays, many people know about how to track packages online. They even have their own favourite all in one package tracking site as the official website tracking services sometimes are very hard to understand. As for me, my favourite tracking site is TrackingMore. Every time I have needs to track a package, I will go TrackingMore site to find the delivery updates.

But yesterday, when I track my Deutsche Post parcels, I found it requires a shipping date to track a package. I was a little confused as this simply would not happen when tracking other packages. So I contacted the customer service from TrackingMore and ask them why this happen. She told me that there are a few couriers needing customers to provide a shipping date when tracking packages. Deutsche Post is just one of them. PostNL International 3S is another example.

To track Deutsche Post packages, people need to provide a tracking number and its shipping date. For shipping date, customers just need to offer the specific year and month. For example, if you shipped a package through Deutsche Post on 10th May, 2017 with a tracking number, then you just need to enter the Deutsche Post tracking page, input a Deutsche Post tracking number and then the shipping date with the format 201705 in order to track your Deutsche Post packages.


Aftership Alternative Tracking Sites

Aftership is a third-party tracking platform which support 400+ global couriers. It was founded at the 1st Startup Weekend Hong Kong in Nov 2011, they also provide shipment tracking API and a tracking APP for online sellers and buyers. There are also some Aftership alternative tracking sites if you can't find a tracking solutions in Aftership.

A list of Aftership alternative tracking sites

1. Trackingmore
If you are looking for a restful tracking API, you can check Trackingmore's API, they support 410 couriers. And the price is much cheaper than Aftership.com. Btw, they also provide a package tracking APP for online buyers.
2. 17track
This is a global tracking site, you can track most of your shipments here, especially for those  postal tracking numbers.
3. track-trace.com
Many people use this site, because it support express tracking as well as air cargo tracking.

Other alternative sites:

4. track24.ru
5. gdeposylka.ru
6. packagetrackr
7. trackingex.com
9. chinapost-track.com

10. china-post-tracking.net

17track Alternative Tracking Sites

Many people used 17track to track their packages, it is a quite nice all in one package tracking site. But it is always good to have some alternative tracking websites.
17track is not always useful, there are still some international couriers they don't support. For example, they don't support dtdc, CDEK, and Aliexpress standard shipping. So sometimes we need some 17track alternationve tracking sites.

A List of 17track alternative tracking site

1. Trackingmore.
 Thackingmore is a global package tracker support 410 couriers, including dhl/ups/China post .
2. global.cainiao.com
This site is powered by Alibaba Group. Support 70 couriers, most of them are postal site and China express company such as 4px, yanwen.
3. packagetrackr
Packagetrackr support 33 couriers till 2017/5/26. Many people use this tracking sites because they can also check many comments of courier here.
4. gdeposylka.ru
This is a Russian site which only support Russian Language. Most of the user are in Russian speaking countries.
Except these sites, there are still some alternative sites:
5. aftership.com
6. track24.ru
7. track-trace.com
8. trackingex.com
9. chinapost-track.com
10. china-post-tracking.net


Where is my parcel sent through Canada Post

Canada Post provides many kinds of services for customers within Canada and from the USA and other international countries. Shipping services provided by Canada Post include Expedited/Regular Parcel, Xpresspost, Registered Mail, Packets, Priority, Lettermail and Letter-post. If you have sent packages through Canada Post, please make sure they are able to be traceable as some of services like Small Packet™, Light Packet™ and Letter-post do not include tracking services. Packages sent by those services have no means to find whereabouts they are until they are delivered.

If your package has a tracking number, then you can track your package either on Canada Post official website or Canada Post tracking page. It is very easy to get tracking results nowadays. Just input your tracking number on a rectangular box and then click "Track" button. 

Every courier needs time to hand with packages and Canada Post is with no exception. So usually waiting for one or two days after package has arrived at the postal office and then tracking your packages would be a smart decision. For Canada Post, the handle time would be 24 hours. That is to say, your package would be scanned in 24 hours time. If you still have any questions related to your packages, contact the courier directly can be a good way to solve problems. For Canada Post phone number, you can click the link.


Item in transit to destination(usps)

Sometimes you may find your USPS package has an updates show "in transit", but it doesn't show the address, so you may still get a bit worried.

Why does USPS show "Item in transit to destination"?

This event appears on items that  have not had an actual device scan them in 18 hours. This means that the item is possibly still in the plane, train or truck. It also can mean many other things.

In most cases, the package will had an device scan within 18 hours. But sometimes if the barcode of package get damaged in transit, the package will go dark for a while, it doesn't mean your package has been stolen, destroyed in transit, it can simply mean it got stuck at a facility.
If usps have a truck break down on the way because of bad weather, it may delay the mail almost ten hours. And the "in transit" event may show on the tracking results.

What can I do if USPS shows "in transit"?

You can call your local post office, and they will just give you some platitudes to try and console you. Actually there is nothing they can do or they are just too busy to care. Except your parcel is Express (usps will refund money if not delivered on time) or domestic registered mail (usps will pay up to $5000 if lost). The local supervisor is only concerned with how quickly item are scanned arrived at his post office. They do not really care about individual parcel that have not yet arrived at his office.

So the fact is, you can just wait for new updates, and the congestion theory is the most likely reasons. You can track USPS package everyday to see the latest updates.

Bulk tracking USPS - trackingmore

How to bulk Track ten thousand USPS in half an hour? If you want to do it all by yourself, and entering each tracking number in USPS official site, you can't finish this job in 24 hours. That's why we need Bulk tracking USPS tool.

Auto bulk track USPS packages

You only need upload all your usps tracking number into Trackingmore's system .If you don't know how to upload your numbers with a csv file, check this article: How to upload a CSV file in trackingmore? .

Auto detect USPS package status

After you have upload the tracking numbers, this tracking system will separate shipments into 7 different status: not found, in transit, delivered, out for delivery, exception, expired, failed attempt. In this way, you can know how many shipments are not in normal status.

Export the tracking info

You can also export the tracking info at anytime, this is quite easy.

So get started with Trackingmore to bulk track your tracking numbers.

Four things that Canadians' online shoppers matter

A short time ago, Canadians were reluctant shopping online. They say they prefer to go to the physical stores to shop things. But today, there seems to be a change as statistics shows that the online sales in 2015 generated by Canadian consumers reach to $30 billion and an expect of $55 billion in 2018. So, what changed the Canadians' minds. In other words, what things are Canadian people matter most when shopping online?

Simple checkout process

Online shoppers are more inclined to shop things when they find the checkout process is easy. And many people think that time is money. If website needs customers to trudge through too many steps when completing the checkout process, they may abandon their shopping carts.

Free offers

Customer who see free offers like "Buy one to get one free" or "Free Shipping" would be more likely and fast to purchase an item. Besides, when people seeing the "free shipping" option, they may not so much care about the shipping time.

Tracking information

Providing tracking info for online shoppers is a smart way to earn sales as a majority of consumers like to know whereabouts of their items. Sellers who can offer the expected shipping time and tracking solutions would definitely win customers' trust. A third party tracking site which can track all packages in one place is highly recommend. People who need to track Canada Post packages can go to Canada Post tracking site.

Good Return Policy

A good return policy tells people that an item can be returned under any condition if any unsatisfactory that customers feel. Not everyone can make sure the stuff in the box they open will be the exact thing they want or will be the exact thing that fits their bodies. So this is another very useful way online shopper matters.


Track Multiple Shipments with TrackingMore Bulk Tracking Tool

The main feature of Trackingmore is bulk package tracking. If you need to track multiple shipment, this tool can help you track package automatically instead of tracking shipments manually.

How to track multiple shipments with bulk tracking tool?

1. You need registered in TrackingMore.com .
2. Download a csv file and  fill in your tracking numbers and  courier codes.
3. Save the file and upload it to trackingmore system.

After you have upload the csv file, the tracking system will track your shipment every 6 hours. You just need to log in to the backstage, and the status of courier is displayed in the dashboard.

You can filter your shipments by tracking status, couriers, add time.

You can also export the tracking results into an csv file.

In the dashboard, you can see parcel status.

This tool is made for online sellers in Amazon, ebay or other stores. It support 410 couriers including DHL, UPS, Fedex, tnt, China post, USPS. You can import up to 10,000 tracking numbers at a time, and 10,000 tracking number can be tracked in half an hour. 

Tracking is necessary, the problem is how to do this job efficiently.

Track shipment status is necessary for sellers, because we can find whether some shipments are in "exception" status and we can contact the courier before it is too late.

You don't need to waste a lot of time to track shipment manually,  there are so many more important things to do rather than track shipment one by one.

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Track China EMS packages online

There are a lot of ways to track China EMS packages nowadays. For online buyers, they can track on the China EMS official website, item purchase page, a third party tracking tool like TrackingMore. But the most important thing you need to do is to keep your reference number, order number or tracking number in mind. Without either those three numbers, you can hardly track China EMS packages. Sometimes, China EMS packages can also be tracked on the official website of China Post.

China EMS official website keeps tracking history in a different period towards different packages. For domestic packages, the valid period is one year since the posting date. For international packages, the valid period is 4 months since the next day of posting date. For packages sent to Taiwan by China EMS, the valid period is 3 months since the posting date.

China EMS provides Proof of Delivery services for its customers who request at the posting depots with the cost of CNY 3 for each shipment. If you bought things online, request the online seller to give you the tracking number of your item instead of a reference number or an order number. And also ask them the shipping date of your item. By doing this way, buyers can avoid being scammed in a certain extent.


Why we need to paste shipping labels correctly?

A shipping label is a requisite paper affixed on the package box in the shipping process. It contains very important information for a courier to ship packages. If your shipping label of an item is pasted in a wrong manner or is damaged, wrinkled, torn or etc., the shipping process may be affected and thus you may receive your item in delay or simply lost your package.

To know why that would happen, you may need to know how the sorting process works. After your package is packed by someone and was carried by a courier, it would go through a sorting machine. The barcode on the shipping label would then be scanned, if your shipping label was pasted correctly, then it would be scanned successfully and went to the right shipping process until it was delivered. But if it was not pasted correctly, it then would be sorted and checked by the human labor. This will result in two conditions. One is that it was recognized by the human labor and then entered into the right shipping process. The second is that the shipping label of an item cannot be readable by a human either, then it would be returned to the sender or abandoned.

An OnTrac shipping label usually contains two barcodes. One is 2D barcode and the other is 1D barcode. The 2D barcode is used by machine to scan packages and the 1D barcode contains tracking number. Customers can use the tracking number on the shippind label to track their OnTrac packages. Currently, TrackingMore App supports tracking packages by scanning 1D barcode.


Portugal CTT Tracking - TrackingMore

TrackingMore supports package tracking services for 410 couriers worldwide. If you have a tracking number and do not know which courier it comes from, you can enter the tracking number on the homepage of TrackingMore. It then will auto detect the possible courier for you. The courier detect function is very accurate for detecting tracking numbers from posts. If you want to detect a number from an express, then it might show several possible couriers for you to choose as the tracking number formats of expresses have more similarities than those from posts.

If you have a tracking number and know well about which courier carries that, then you can direct go to a certain tracking page to track your packages. For example, RD942045991PT is from Portugal CTT, you can either go to TrackingMore homepage to track it or go to Portugal Post - CTT Tracking page to track it.


This is one website or one link to track all. You can track all packages from Portugal CTT. Besides, both your original info and destination info will show in one place. Save your time to find hard in the courier official website. If you are an online seller who needs to track bulk packages a time, you can also track all of them in bulk on the backstage of TrackingMore. Haven't used this feature before, click here to sing up free and experience by yourself.

China post or Hong kong post(which one is faster)?

If you bought some cheap stuff from China stores on Aliexpress or eBay, the seller can provide China Post shipping and HK Post shipping. So the question is :which one is faster? This depend on the destination country and your luck. 
Sometimes if your goods have been detained by customs for inspection, this may cause a delay. If you are very very lucky, everything went smoothly, sometimes you can even receive a China post package in 7 days.

The shipping rate is low

Actually, both this two shipping services take more than two weeks to deliver a package. The shipping cost is not expansive, that's why some eBay or Aliexpress sellers provide free shipping with China Post or Hong Kong Post.

Estimated delivery time

China Post Air Mail, 15-45 days
Hongkong Post Air Mail, 15-39 days
Both of them are slow, but if you have to choose one, better choose Hong Kong post. Sometimes China post took 2 or even 3 months to deliver a package. Hong kong post is more stable and has less problems.

Different Tracking number

China post and HK post tracking number are both 13 character numbers. The China post number end with letter "CN" while the HK post tracking number ends with letter "HK".


UPS will create 6000 jobs in 2018 by adding Saturday ground delivery service

In April third, the UPS announces that it will provide Saturday ground delivery services for its customers. By doing so, it will not add any trunks, buildings or vehicles but 1600 jobs in the late of 2018. This means many people from all kinds of industries can benefit from one day earlier delivery on Saturday if goods should be delivered on Monday in the past. The UPS officers are thinking highly of this decision by saying that this is one of the largest improvements in its history.

In a matter of fact, in the early year of 2016, as test cities of Saturday ground delivery service, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Los Angeles have already experienced this service. The results in those cities turned out to be fine. So the UPS is now speeding up its paces to add more cities to join its services. The most beneficial industry would be the e-commerce I think. With this service, they can offer a better shipping time to most people in the USA, Canada and other countries. At the same time, more and more people would choose UPS to ship their goods.

UPS packages carried by Saturday ground delivery service can still be traceable. You can either go to the UPS official website or TrackingMore to track your UPS packages. You can click here to enter the UPS tracking page.


17track VS TrackingMore

TrackingMore and 17track are both excellent package tracking tracker which the later was established in the year of 2010 while the former is in the year of 2014. Currently, TrackingMore supports 410 couriers worldwide while 17track only supports 340 couriers with 105 couriers from China. This year is the third year in terms of the development of TrackingMore. It develops so fast that it can now becomes one of the most competent competitor of 17track.

If we just look into the main interface of this two sites (TrackingMore.com and 17track.net) from the perspective of a buyer, we can hardly find which one is better in tracking packages as they all seem to have functions that can meet the requirements of most buyers. For example, They all have multi-language version feature, carrier auto detection function, fast and accurate tracking services. If you ever tracked your packages on both the two sites, you would also find they actually have very fast site speed.

But if we observe more deeply, we may find that TrackingMore has some features which 17track do not have currently. For example, TrackingMore gives each courier an independent tracking page and a place to review couriers, which is a good idea to spread and share users thoughts. Besides, TrackingMore provides a powerful backstage for its users (mostly they are online sellers, logistics services providers such as forwarders, third parties, ERP managers, e-commerce developers and so on) to bulk track packages, do performance analytics and more. Unfortunately, 17track seems do not work so well on supporting all these yet and few people know about their login page which, in a large extent, hurts the user's experience badly. Another important function that TrackingMore provides is TrackingMore API. Every user can pay a small fee to call TrakcingMore API. Actually, $0.002 to track one tracking number is virtually free.

So, how much strong is the TrackingMore backstage anyway? To find this result, you need to sign up for an TrackingMore account first. Do not worry, this is free.

Bulk Tracking 

Users can track up to 10,000 numbers from 410 couriers worldwide, including USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, China Post, China EMS and so on at a time by importing an CSV file into their TrackingMore accounts. They just need to download an full CSV file template and then fill out the corresponding cells. Only the "origin courier code" and "tracking_number" columns are required fields. The tracking details , system update time, add time, transit time and more can be shown clearly in one page.

After importing, users can filter packages by tracking status and add time. They can also delete package one by one or in bulk.

Bulk Exporting 

TrackingMore also supports function to bulk export data for users to do analytics. Users can bulk export all the package data in TrackingMore account or bulk export some of their data by filtering the conditions. For example, they can choose to bulk export data of packages added in a certain time in "Exception" status.


All shipments without filter

Shipments added in the last 7 days in "Exception" 

Above are the two most basic and important features in related to package tracking. There are many other services that TrackingMore offers, such as store connections, branded tracking page, email and SMS notifications. Pity thing is that 17track is still dwelling on its initial step and seems to cease moving forward.