What does "Delivered to neighbour" mean ?

If your tracking status is "Delivered to neighbor", what does that mean, what do you suppose to do?

This status means when the delivery guy came, you are not at home, so he left your package with a neighbor, rather than take it back to the local delivery office.

1.Who is your neighbor in the sight of delivery guy?
Actually, you got several neighbors near your house, sometimes you don't want your parcel is delivered to some of your neighbors. You can nominate which neighbor you would like the delivery guy to try first if you are not at home. For security reasons, you need come to the delivery office to nominate your neighbors.
You can argue that the delivery address is not correct if they left you package with someone 10 blocks away from your house.

2.If the neighbor refuses to give back your parcel, what can you do?
First, contact the courier and tell them you never received your package, it's not your fault, the retailer must send you a replacement. If they don't, they need to go back to your neighbor's door with his/her signature on delivery note to get the parcel back.

Second,  if the courier told you they are not responsible for this situation, you need to call the police to deal with it for you. 

Note: Click tracking status for more information.