Batch tracking package tool-trackingmore

If you need to track a large quantities of packages, you can try www.trackingmore.com . In this website, you can paste your tracking numbers in an EXCEL, and upload it to get the tracking results. Through this way, you can track one thousand packages one time.

In order to use this function, you only need to register an account in TrackingMore, this is totally free of charge.
After that, you can login to import your tracking numbers and the couriers.
Like this way:

This is quite simple and useful, it is the best solution for batch tracking packages. What's more, after you import your tracking number in TrackingMore, the system can track the packages in real time, and you can know how many packages are delivered and how many packages are still on the way to the destination. 
It is simple and clear:

What is TrackingMore?
TrackingMore is an advanced online tracker and your personal shipments manager. It support more than 200 countries and mutiple languages. This is a global website server people all around the world.
Next time, remember using TrackingMore to track your package !