What information can you get from your tracking number?

We are talking about global EMS item, registered mail and parcel here.

According to the regulations of UPU number rules, each number consists of 4 letters and 9 digits, the last 2 letters are standard ISO-3166 pointing to the origin of sender. Partial countries might have special number rules.

The first letter in the tracking number with different letter represents different meaning:

«A» - Mail is not insured (less than 2 kg)
«R» - Registered Mail (less than 2 kg)
«V» - Registered Mail (Insured)(less than 2 kg)
«C» - Ordinary Parcel (more than 2 kg)
«L» - Airmail E-packet (less than 2 kg)
«E» - Express Mail Service (EMS more than 2 kg)

Eg: EX012857277SG is a Express Mail because it is started with the letter "E", the last two letters are "SG" represent this express mail is shipped by Singapore Post.

1. The tracking number is a number provided by courier. You can use this number to track and trace your package. It is different from the order number.

2. The registered mail is different from a normal mail. The registered mail is more expensive, and it's normally for a more important mail. Beside, the mail will be sent to your doorstep & the postman will ask you to sign on a paper before he gives you the parcel. The normal mail is usually not supported tracking, you can't get reparations if your normal mail is missing.

        If you need to track your package enter your tracking number here .