How to track package from China? Try TrackingMore !

First: Usually, the package shipped from China is carried by China Post, and the logistic information can be divided into two parts.

1. The China domestic part, when your package is still in China, you can track it on many websites, such as intmail.183.com.cn    or    www.ems.com.cn   or   http://it.11185.cn/chinapostintegrate/mailqueries.a . These three websites are the official website of China Post and China EMS. If you can't track your package here, you won't be able to track your package on other site.

2. The second part is the tracking information in the destination country. If you are in USA, and your friends in China send you a package. After the package arrived USA, the package will be carried by  USPS. And from now on, you can track your package on the official site of USPS: www.usps.com

3. If you found it is still too complicate to track your package, you can just remember one website : www.trackingmore.com, cause this site contains the logistic information in China as well as the destination country. For example :LS242201114CN

Second: How long does it take from China to USA?
1. China EMS package, this is the fastest way, it takes 12 days on average.
2. Registed mail (less than 2Kg), needs 2~3 weeks.
3. Parcel (more than 2Kg), needs one month on average.

Third: The number rules of package from China
According to the regulations of UPU number rules, each number consists of 2 letters, 9 digits and the last 2 letters are standard ISO-3166 pointing to the origin of sender. 
«A» - Mail is not insured (less than 2 kg)
«R» - Registered Mail (less than 2 kg)
«V» - Registered Mail (Insured)(less than 2 kg)
«C» - Ordinary Parcel (more than 2 kg)
«L» - Airmail E-packet (less than 2 kg)
«E» - Express Mail Service (EMS more than 2 kg)