If you need to track hundreds of shipments, try TrackingMore

We can find many websites to track our packages, it is easy. But if you need to track hundreds of shipments, you need a better solution. Many people have used 17track to track their packages, but they only provide a service that you can track 40 numbers at a time. That is just not enough.

Trackingmore is the only website that provide batch package tracking service for free. You can import your tracking numbers in an CSV file, and TrackingMore will help you track all the package you import.

How to import my tracking number in TrackingMore? 
First you need to enter the official website of trackingmore: http://www.trackingmore.com ,  after you registered an account, you can find a "Import" button on the backstage of the web.
After you import your tracking numbers in TrackingMore system, your shipments will be classified by statues. You can check how many packages are delivered and how many packages are still in transit.

Isn't it amazing ? Join TrackingMore to manage your shipments.