Track Multiple Tracking numbers & Multiple Carriers-trackingmore

If you need track multiple tracking numbers of mutiple carriers, you may like to know TrackingMore, this is an one in all package tracking tool.

In order to track multiple tracking numbers. You need to sign up an account in Trackingmore and track your package in the back-stage.

1. How to import multiple tracking numbers?
Click the import button and download the csv file. Enter your tracking number and the couriers in the csv file and import that data into the trackingmore system. 

2. Using the API of trackingmore to track multiple numbers.
After you registered in trackingmore, you can apply an API key in this page: http://my.trackingmore.com/api_keys.php?lang=en 
And the API doc of trackingmore is here: http://www.trackingmore.com/docs/index.php

If you have any other questions, you can email me at service@trackingmore.com or facebook me at https://www.facebook.com/trackingmore .