Ways to track Deutsche Post DHL, Bpost and PostNL-trackingmore

DHL, Bpost, PostNL are the main transport companies provide transport services in Europe, these three companies are very large companies, they all provide quality service. If we need make a choice, I will say we just need to select the cheaper one in most cases. The following are the description of ways to track DHL/Bpost/PostNL, I hope this will help.

1. DHL
DHL is the subsidiary company of the world's leading mail and logistics group-Deutsche Post. Providing customers with a full supply chain management logistics solutions.
The Official website of DHL : www.dhl.com(DHL global official website),                                                       www.dhl.de(Deutsche Post DHL official website
                                          http://webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com/(DHL ecommerce)
DHL Product/Service :Priority package (DHL Premium),Economy package (DHL Economy)
In most condition, this two services are nearly the same, the Priority package is  2-4days faster than the Economy package In theory. If the planes are not enough, the priority package will be transit first.

1.1 How to track DHL package?
(1) In general, no matter this is a direct mail or a exchange mail, you can see a tracking link in the mail, if not provided, then try to find a tracking number.
(2) You can also use Trackingmore to help you track your dhl package. For example : 010852816400
Click the exchange number, you can get the full information of your package.
 You can also use the Official site to check your package.

1.2 How many digits are there in the DHL tracking number?
(1) The Germany DHL international parcel got 12 digits(Sendungsnummer).
(2) The DHL warehouse number contains 20 digits, such as 00340433836673922780 which can also be tracked in the DHL system.
(3) DHL global mail contains 10 digits.
(4) Besides, there are still numbers of 22 digits or begin with the JM+18digits. 

2. Bpost - Belgian Post
Belgian Post(Bpost) is a modern, efficient postal company, the head office is in Brussels, it is the largest private courier companies in Belgian. The Bpost is very stable in delivery.
The official site:www.bpostinternational.com or http://track.bpost.be/

How to track Bpost?
If your tracking number contains 26 digits such as : 30100751900000000542925111, you can enter this site : http://track.bpost.be/, and input your tracking number, you will get an exchange number: EA110088543BE

You can track your package buy entering the exchange number in trackingmore.com

3. PostNL -  Netherland Post
The tracking sites are below: 
(1) http://www.postnl.com/ 
(2) https://www.internationalparceltracking.com/Default.aspx#/search 
(3) www.trackingmore.com