What are the differences between epacket and China Post Air mail?-trackingmore

Epacket and China Post Air Mail are often chosen by cross-border sellers to transit items. Now TrackingMore will tell you the differences between them. 

1. Epacket
Epacket is also called EUB, if you bought a item from a Chinese seller, they may give you a tracking number for epacket-ebay or epacket-aliexpress. EUB/ePacket is an international postal product provided by China Post to support international e-commerce. The ePacket Service is a agreement between USPS,eBay,aliexpress and China Post to offer eBay and Aliexpress sellers a fast but low cost shipping.

The advantages of Epacket are:
(1) Low cost, it cost 47¥ to transit a packge weight 0.5KG from China to US, while if you choose EMS, it will cost 85¥.
(2) Fast, usually it takes 7-20 days to delivered a package.
(3) Quality service, fully traceable packet.

Shortcomings of Epacket:
(1) The epacket service is only for package weight less than 2 Kg.
(2) The seller can only use EUB to transit item to limited places, such as US/Canada/France/UK/Australia/Hong Kong.

2. China Post Air Mail
According to an incomplete statistics, 70% of Chinese cross-border electricity packages are transport through the postal system. The biggest reason why cross-border seller choose China Post Air Mail is the low price.

(1) China Post Air Mail service is only for package weight less than 2 Kg.
(2) Usually it takes about one month to delivered a package, it is not suitable for urgent mail.

If you need to track Epacket or China Post Air Mail, click track package from China.