Trackingmore Package tracker APP - a must-have tracking app

Package tracker app is surely a must-have app, we need to track our package after we bought something from ebay/aliexpress/amazon. But there are different kinds of  tracking APP, do you know which one is the best one for you? Of course you can download every apps in your phone to compare them one by one. But if you need a quick answer, just download Trackingmore app. 

Download links:
IOS: Trackingmore Package tracker for Iphone
Android: Trackingmore package tracker  

What Trackingmore can do? What makes it better than others?
1. Support mutiple couriers
Our package maybe send by different couriers such as DHL / UPS /China Post, so we need an app support all kinds of couriers. Trackingmore support 355 different couriers, so you can manage your packages in just one APP.

2. Push notification
When your package's status changes, our app will push a notification. This is quite useful especially when your package met some unnomal situations. 

3. Auto-detect Courier
If you don't know the courier name, Trackingmore can auto-detect the courier by your tracking number, if your package is transit by UPU(Universal Postal Union), we will provide the destination country tracking info as well as the origin country tracking info.

4. Translation
If your courier is carried by China post, then the tracking info is in Chinese. That's why we add a translation tool in Trackingmore app.

5. Barcode scanner 
 You can also use barcode scanner to add tracking numbers in your phone. 

In general, Trackingmore package Tracker has the most feature you need for a package tracker, it's simple but useful, the size of this APK file is only 4.1 M. Check the screen shot below to know more about this APP.