How to calculate the transit time of my package?

If you bought something from another country, it may take 10-30days before you received this package. So how do you know the exact delivery date, you can find your answer here.

How to calculate the transit time of my package?

There is a smart tool for you to caculate the transit time. It is a transit time calculator provided by Trackingmore. Using this tool, you just need to select the origin country and destination country, then press calculate,  you can get the average delivery time of different couriers.

What is the advantage of this tool?

1. You can check transit time of different couriers.
For example, if you want know how long it take to ship a package from China to US. You may choose DHL/EMS/UPS/China post/DHL global mail. From this tool, you can see DHL is the fastest way, and it only take 3.5 days while china ems takes 15.7 days on average.
 2. For each courier, you can see the estimated delivery time of one courier ship to different countries. 
For example, you can see DHL Estimated delivery time from China to other countries. If you are a seller, it is very important to know the extimated delivery time of each countries, because maybe your customers are from different countries.

3. The data is accurate, even more accurate than the official courier website.
 Some courier often give a postive delivery time to the customers. While Trackingmore's data is based on thousands of shipments tracked on this system. Each day, there are more than 200 thousand shipments tracked in TrackingMore.com
No matter you are a buyer or a seller, this transit time calculator is  useful tool.


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