Four things that Canadians' online shoppers matter

A short time ago, Canadians were reluctant shopping online. They say they prefer to go to the physical stores to shop things. But today, there seems to be a change as statistics shows that the online sales in 2015 generated by Canadian consumers reach to $30 billion and an expect of $55 billion in 2018. So, what changed the Canadians' minds. In other words, what things are Canadian people matter most when shopping online?

Simple checkout process

Online shoppers are more inclined to shop things when they find the checkout process is easy. And many people think that time is money. If website needs customers to trudge through too many steps when completing the checkout process, they may abandon their shopping carts.

Free offers

Customer who see free offers like "Buy one to get one free" or "Free Shipping" would be more likely and fast to purchase an item. Besides, when people seeing the "free shipping" option, they may not so much care about the shipping time.

Tracking information

Providing tracking info for online shoppers is a smart way to earn sales as a majority of consumers like to know whereabouts of their items. Sellers who can offer the expected shipping time and tracking solutions would definitely win customers' trust. A third party tracking site which can track all packages in one place is highly recommend. People who need to track Canada Post packages can go to Canada Post tracking site.

Good Return Policy

A good return policy tells people that an item can be returned under any condition if any unsatisfactory that customers feel. Not everyone can make sure the stuff in the box they open will be the exact thing they want or will be the exact thing that fits their bodies. So this is another very useful way online shopper matters.

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