Portugal CTT Tracking - TrackingMore

TrackingMore supports package tracking services for 410 couriers worldwide. If you have a tracking number and do not know which courier it comes from, you can enter the tracking number on the homepage of TrackingMore. It then will auto detect the possible courier for you. The courier detect function is very accurate for detecting tracking numbers from posts. If you want to detect a number from an express, then it might show several possible couriers for you to choose as the tracking number formats of expresses have more similarities than those from posts.

If you have a tracking number and know well about which courier carries that, then you can direct go to a certain tracking page to track your packages. For example, RD942045991PT is from Portugal CTT, you can either go to TrackingMore homepage to track it or go to Portugal Post - CTT Tracking page to track it.


This is one website or one link to track all. You can track all packages from Portugal CTT. Besides, both your original info and destination info will show in one place. Save your time to find hard in the courier official website. If you are an online seller who needs to track bulk packages a time, you can also track all of them in bulk on the backstage of TrackingMore. Haven't used this feature before, click here to sing up free and experience by yourself.

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