Track China EMS packages online

There are a lot of ways to track China EMS packages nowadays. For online buyers, they can track on the China EMS official website, item purchase page, a third party tracking tool like TrackingMore. But the most important thing you need to do is to keep your reference number, order number or tracking number in mind. Without either those three numbers, you can hardly track China EMS packages. Sometimes, China EMS packages can also be tracked on the official website of China Post.

China EMS official website keeps tracking history in a different period towards different packages. For domestic packages, the valid period is one year since the posting date. For international packages, the valid period is 4 months since the next day of posting date. For packages sent to Taiwan by China EMS, the valid period is 3 months since the posting date.

China EMS provides Proof of Delivery services for its customers who request at the posting depots with the cost of CNY 3 for each shipment. If you bought things online, request the online seller to give you the tracking number of your item instead of a reference number or an order number. And also ask them the shipping date of your item. By doing this way, buyers can avoid being scammed in a certain extent.

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