Track Deutsche Post Parcels with a ship date

Nowadays, many people know about how to track packages online. They even have their own favourite all in one package tracking site as the official website tracking services sometimes are very hard to understand. As for me, my favourite tracking site is TrackingMore. Every time I have needs to track a package, I will go TrackingMore site to find the delivery updates.

But yesterday, when I track my Deutsche Post parcels, I found it requires a shipping date to track a package. I was a little confused as this simply would not happen when tracking other packages. So I contacted the customer service from TrackingMore and ask them why this happen. She told me that there are a few couriers needing customers to provide a shipping date when tracking packages. Deutsche Post is just one of them. PostNL International 3S is another example.

To track Deutsche Post packages, people need to provide a tracking number and its shipping date. For shipping date, customers just need to offer the specific year and month. For example, if you shipped a package through Deutsche Post on 10th May, 2017 with a tracking number, then you just need to enter the Deutsche Post tracking page, input a Deutsche Post tracking number and then the shipping date with the format 201705 in order to track your Deutsche Post packages.

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