How do I perform DHL package tracking via CSV Upload?

Many people are familiar to DHL, the world's leading logistics and supply chain company. It has a large delivery network covered 220 countries and territories across the globe and fast delivery shipping time. It's two biggest competitors in the world are UPS and FedEx. It has many delivery branches around the world to guarantee the fast delivery service. DHL is much reliable in delivering services and package tracking services. You can follow the below steps to perform DHL package tracking via CSV upload.

What does DHL tracking number look like?
DHL tracking number is very simple. It is consisted of 9 or 10 digits. See below:
(*** *** ***)
(*** *** *** *)

Examples of DHL tracking number
You must have DHL tracking numbers when you are going to track DHL packages. Below are some examples.

How to track DHL packages via CSV upload?
TrackingMore provides a kind of simple and easy way to bulk track packages. That is by uploading a CSV file. You can click Bulk Track Packages via CSV Upload to learn how to perform package tracking.

How does DHL tracking number display on TrackingMore backstage center?
TrackingMore will auto track all the DHL tracking numbers you just uploaded and classify the delivery status for you. Below picture shows you the DHL tracking results on TrackingMore backstage.

                                                               DHL Tracking Results

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