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PostNL, aimed at offering comprehensive and reliable mail and parcel delivery services to its customers, is the most important logistics services provider in the Netherlands. It has extensive mail and parcel distribution network reaching to world's 200 countries. With 1.1 million items to be handled each day by PostNL, the tracking volume are very big. And TrackingMore then provides a kind of bulk tracking services by uploading a CSV file to track PostNL packages.

What does PostNL tracking number look like?
Here listed three kinds of PostNL tracking number rules. You need to tell them based on the real condition.
E# *** *** *** NL
R# *** *** *** NL
BYS *** *** ***

Examples of PostNL tracking number
You must have PostNL tracking numbers when you are going to track PostNL packages. Below are possible examples.

How to track PostNL packages via CSV upload?
TrackingMore provides a kind of simple and easy way to bulk track packages. That is by uploading a CSV file. You can click Bulk Track Packages via CSV Upload to learn how to perform package tracking.

How does PostNL tracking number display on TrackingMore backstage center?
TrackingMore will auto track all the PostNL tracking numbers you just uploaded and classify the delivery status for you. Below picture shows you the PostNL tracking results on TrackingMore backstage.

PostNL tracking Results
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