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TrackingMore provides multi-carrier tracking API solution for developers, including USPS tracking API. The restful USPS tracking API provided by TrackingMore is very fast, accurate and stable. Besides, every one can afford to use TrackingMore USPS tracking API service ($0.002 per package and unlimited API requests). It also has the most reasonable charge standard: no monthly fee, no time limit and no additional cost when tracking a same package.

About TrackingMore USPS tracking API

Trackingmore provides package Tracking API for 410 couriers, including China Post, UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS Tracking API. Use Trackingmore Restful API and Webhook to receive push notifications of delivery updates and delight your customers. Developers from E-commerce Stores and Marketplaces can integrate courier tracking API functionality with their websites or applications easily. Once integrating with Trackingmore tracking APIs, you integrate with all 410 tracking APIs.

Features of TrackingMore USPS tracking API

1. Get tracking info of USPS packages with one single integration
2. Receive notifications of near real-time delivery updates
3. Know your shipping performance and shipping time
4. Boost business by placing a localisation strategy: Multilingual API call
5. Lengthen the amount of time your customers spend on your website

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