Ekart Tracking - Flipkart Logistics Tracking

Ekart is the built-in supply chain logistics management company of Flipkart marketplace. Ekart tracking number usually starts with letters "FMPC" and is consisted of 14 characters. If you bought something from Flipkart marketplace, you can click Ekart Tracking to track your ekart packages.

Some people may ask that since you can enter Flipkart official website and track your packages. So, why still go to a third party package tracking site to track Ekart packages? The reason is that when you go Flipkart to track orders, you need to enter a tracking number and your email address, while on a professional courier tracking site, all you need to do is entering your tracking number. Would not it be much easier? 

Again, when you come back to Flipkart courier tracking page, you may waste your time and money on browsing and purchasing other products as they will be promoted by merchants on Flipkart marketplace. Besides, a third party courier trackng site is more professional than any other place to track your orders.

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