Everything you need to know when tracking Zappos Orders

Zappos is the brand name of an online shoe and clothing shop. A lot of people are attracted by its free shipping and free returning policy when buying things from it. Do you know what basic things you need to know when tracking your Zappos orders?

Number One: How To Track Zappos Orders?
1. Click the link in the email you received from Zappos and you will be directed to the UPS, FedEx or USPS official website. Enter your tracking number in the track and trace page. Tracking number can be found in the email you received.
2. Just log into your Zappos account using your email address and password, then click on your order number in your order history.
3. Enter your tracking number in the following tracking page.
4. Enter your tracking number in the third party shipment tracking homepage and let it detect courier and track for you.

Number Two: Why Email Says Order Was Delivered, But I Did Not Receive It?
Sometimes, an order will be marked by courier as "delivered" when it is in the route for delivery. You need to wait for a while and see if you will receive it within the next one day. If this happens still, please do not hesitate to contact Zappos customer service.

Number Three: Will You Need To Sign For Your Packages?
Zappos do not require people to sign for their orders as long as they are not a gift for someone. Therefore, you do not need to do so typically.

Tips: If you find any exception or questions when tracking your Zappos packages, directly contact Zappos staff is highly recommended as they have every info about your packages so that things will go smoother by this way.

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