How To Track A Parcel Without A Tracking Number

We all know that the most popular and common way to track a package is to enter a tracking number in a box provided by a parcel tracking tool. So it is very important to keep a tracking number once a package was shipped out.

However, there are times that we lost our important stuff. Say a tracking number. So we would ask ourselves is there any way to track a package without a tracking number or is there an alternative to track our packages?

The answer is "yes" but still depends.

If you are a buyer or recipient, the only way to do is to ask your seller or sender the tracking number again. So I would not discuss this situation. Instead, imagine you are the sender.

Enter Courier Official Website and See Alternative for Tracking a Package
Most couriers nowadays support multiple ways to track a package. For example, Eurodis supports four ways to track a package. They are Eurodis tracking by 24 digits barcode number, 13-digit EURODIS shipment number (often called as tracking number), shipper´s reference and dispatch partner´s shipment number.

Call Local Post Office Customer Service
Try to contact your local post office customer service and provide as much and detailed shipping info as you can. They have records in their recording system.

Retrieve From Social Media
If you tracked your package on TrackingMore and shared it via social media, you can retrieve your tracking number through the link you shared. Or click that link directly to check the tracking info of your package.

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