DIY Your Own Canada Post Tracking Page

Want to track Canada Post packages and avoid going to Canada Post official website? Then you are going to the right place. Here, I am teaching you how to DIY your own Canada Post tracking page.

Firstly, you need to find an editor which allows you to write something in a html format, the place can be your blogger editor where you publish your blog, your Shopify, Wordpress, AliExpress, editor where you publish your store blog and so on.

Next, go to a third party parcel tracking site named Trackingmore and then enter its track button page. Customize your own track button by choose what you like about "style", "Courier", "Size", "Width" and "Model". Here, as we are talking about how to track Canada Post packages, so I select courier as Canada Post. And by doing this, you can see what the final effect. See below.
When this done, you can now move the effect to what webpage you like by copying and pasting codes you will see at the page you customized your track button in a html editor. Click save and enter the page you created, you will see your own Canada Post tracking page.

You can now track your Canada Post parcels in your DIY Canada Post tracking page. You can also share this page to your friends and relatives to track their packages by entering Canada Post tracking number.

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