5 Must Have WooCommerce Plugins To Help Merchants Grow Business

Check out the list of 5 must have WooCommerce plugin and download them at your WooCommerce shop. Some of them can help you save time, energy, others can help you beautify your shop layouts and improve user purchasing experience.

TrackingMore parcel tracking plugin helps merchants running WordPress shop import and track orders at TrackingMore backstage as well as order history page. It supports parcel tracking of worldwide 477 couriers!

With this plugin, merchants can check all order status in one place and send email notifications to customers with tracking link when order status updates. Customer service support is very quick, professional and helpful! Even if you are a free user, you can get feedback quickly.

2. WooCommerce Multilingual
This is a plugin which can help merchants translate all page contents into a preferred language based on shop visitors' browser language settings in order to improve customers' purchasing history.

It is very suitable for sellers whose targets are located across the globe.

3. WooCommerce Customizer
WooCommerce Customizer helps merchants customize cart button text, labels, Sales badge text and so on. By using it, merchants do not need to write any php code to create filters for its e-commerce site.

4. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce
By using this order delivery date plugin, buyer can select his preferred delivery date. That will reduce cart abandonment by 50%. Besides, sellers can also check and filter order delivery time chosen by customers at WooCommerce Admin area so that they can arrange shipping time accordingly.

If merchants do not want to ship goods at weekend, they can disable those specific days in the calendar.

5. MailChimp for WooCommerce
This is a plugin used by many merchants to auto send marketing emails to potential or established buyers by synchronizing buyers purchase data to MailChimp account.

With that, merchants can easily send out targeted campaigns to monitor customers' post-purchase, recommend products, recover abandoned carts, and measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

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