How To Track Orders Fulfilled By Amazon?

Unlike other platform, Amazon provides shipping and tracking services for its sellers so that they can focus on providing goods in high quality and affordable prices. For most buyer, they will not encounter any problem when tracking Amazon orders. However, there are cases that some people may get lost in tracing Amazon orders, especially for those who are new to Amazon.

So, How To Track Orders Fulfilled By Amazon.

The most easy way to track your Amazon order is to login to your Amazon account and find the order status button. When clicking that button, you will be directed to carrier tracking page where you can see tracking info. Usually, you will also receive emails from Amazon or seller with tracking link for you to check tracking info.

Before you contacting seller for order status, you had better read his shipping policy because if all their orders are fulfilled by Amazon, you need to directly contact Amazon order support customer service. Amazon seller pays fees for this support.

Besides, sometimes, even sellers themselves have no clue about your tracking number and they need to contact Amazon support for this too.

Apart from FBA services, seller can also choose third party shipping logistics. If that's the case, Trackingmore is a great place to go and track Amazon orders. As a matter of fact, you can track virtually any packages purchased on Amazon on that package tracking website.

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