Can International Posts Sent Through India Post be Tracked till Delivery?

Everyone purchasing online often can’t help wondering where is the parcel now! The anxiety is even worse for those who have international orders. With the growing demand of shopping online, more international parcels will be sent by India Post both from India and other countries.

Like most post services, the major problem with India post is in the last mile delivery. If customers are not available in the location, their parcels may be returned to the post office. However, the worst situation is when customers are not available and postmen cant contact them. Then, the parcels will be returned. So, can international parcels sent through India Post be tracked till delivery?

First, I'll explain about India Post tracking facility.

India Post Online Tracking facility

India Post’s online tracking allows you to access tracking information and confirm the delivery of your item by using the tracking number assigned to you at the time of Booking. You can find the tracking number on the Postal receipt handed over to you at the Post office Counter at the time of booking.

How it works

The tracking system is updated periodically to provide you with the most current information available about the location and status of your item. You'll be able to find out the following:
  • When your item was booked
  • When your item was dispatched and received at various locations during its Journey
  • When your item was delivered, or:
  • When a Delivery Intimation Notice was issued to notify the recipient that the item is available for delivery

How Can I Track?

1. Enter the Postal Article Number In the Tracking Number(s) box;
2. Select the Go button to view your results.

Other Solutions

There are also many third party tracking services available and Trackingmore is highly recommended for it provides two parts of tracking information: origin country post and destination country post.

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