What information can you get from your EMS tracking number?

EMS tracking number is a 13 digit alpha-numerical number. As per UPU guidelines, all member countries use same format for EMS service offered in various countries. It starts with E representing EMS. Like in India, 2nd alphabet represents a particular postal circle under which EMS got booked (e.g. EG for item booked in Gujarat) and last two alphabets represents country of booking in India, it ends with IN. In addition to this, bulk customers of India Post are given special series for their Speed Post bookings, like AW to Amazon, AJ to Snapdeal etc.
As for China Post, some numbers also have different meanings:1 at the beginning represents the standard post, which is also called Speedpost; 5 is the EMS economic express deliver, the speed is average; and 9 is the postal packet, developed specifically for the e-commerce industry-easy to transport and not too slowly to transfer .
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