Why European girls are obsessed with Kiko lipsticks?

Born in 1997 and located in Milan, Italy, it is Europe's best-selling cheap make-up brand. There are more than 1,600 kinds of color cosmetics, skin care products, and advanced accessories. There are 700 stores in 14 countries and it has its own online shops in 35 countries.

Kiko is still a designated brand for Armani. It is deeply loved by famous fashionistas and is very popular in Europe. Compared with Chanel, Guerlain, Armani, YSL, etc., its price is much cheaper and the effect is also amazing. And compared with other cosmetics at the same price, it is much better. 

There are many kinds of Kiko with superb cosmetics effects. Its eyeshadows and lipsticks are highly recommended. The Kiko 9 series was used during an Armani catwalk. Now the 9 series has been discontinued. 

Kiko is quite competitive in the price aspect. With the same price buying a lipstick from Dior, YSL, Chanel or Givenchy, you can buy four Kiko lipsticks with more color choices. So it is especially good for students concerning the consumption level. In general, Kiko products are worth having, as long as you buy genuine ones, not fake. If you buy Kiko products from Italy, you can enter your tracking number here: poste italiane tracking.

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