Why is SF Express fast?

1.Special charter flights:

Until April 2017, there are a total of 40 full-ship charter flights in SF Express.

2.Airline allocation rights:

Air cargo allocation is not anyone who has the money can easily transport their cargo to the plane for transit. We know that the cargo space of the aircraft is limited, and the airlines deliver the goods through the freight forwarding company for distribution. The freight forwarding company selects the courier company based on its scale, credibility, stability, and security. In China, the first company to enjoy preferential distribution rights is the state-owned enterprise - China Post, followed by SF. In other words, after China Post and SF Express have put their cargo on the plane, only can other courier companies get their goods loaded if there is still any space in the cargo hold. If the first two courier companies had a lot of goods and one aircraft could not fit, and the remaining goods had to wait for the next flight. That’s why customers sometimes encounter the phenomenon that the goods issued at the same time reach the recipient's hands at different times.

3. The SF network is self-operated

Each branch of SF has a network, and SF will have a considerable investment. This is why the SF network is not very comprehensive. Some remote areas will not be reached by SF. Most of the other courier companies are online franchisees, so there are too many accidents about damaged parcels that few people care about. For these bosses are only concerned about the amount of deliveries, they do not care about accidental payments.

4. System tracking

After the customers of SF Express make an order by calling 4008111111, both dispatcher's cell phone and the HHT terminal of the SF will receive a text message. Then the dispatcher will pick up the item according to the messages they receive. From the moment he receives the text message, he must take the ticket back within 1 hour. Otherwise, he would cause a "limit." When dispatching, dispatchers must finish the delivery within 2 hours after receiving the post-warehouse dispatch tasks from the manager. Otherwise, the dispatcher may also create a "limit." Once a ticket is over the limit, dispatchers will lose some points. Each dispatcher has only 20 points a year. If the 20 points are deducted, he must leave SF. This is why SF dispatchers are always in such a hurry.
In addition, express mails can be tracked in the SF Express website, 4008111111 customer service inquiries or Trackingmore SF express tracking page. Express shipments are also being monitored on the way from the branch office to the dispatch and airport fields. Because the GPS global positioning system is installed on these transport vehicles, the vehicles must be operated according to the designated time and designated route. Otherwise, dispatchers will be questioned questions.

5. Security

SF’s cargo damage rate is one hundred thousandth, which is the lowest in the industry. You’d better follow the instructions of the dispatchers for the packaging materials of your goods because they are experts in this field. Otherwise, your goods they may be damaged and the dispatchers will get their points deducted. In fact, deduction is a trivial matter. The key is to get your things safely and on time.

Summary: each courier company may cause inconvenience to their customers, but we still need to compare between them and choose the services we really need. SF Express's high price is well known. However, SF Express's speed, good cargo security, and good service are also recognized by all. 

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