Solutions To Tracking Royal Mail Packages

Many people in the UK tend to send their mails or parcels through Royal Mail. However, tracking in Royal Mail website includes more manual steps for users since 2017. All these added manual steps are due to a captcha that Royal Mail has added to the tracking form. A captcha is a little image where you have to enter the word or numbers to prove that youre human.

As for the reason why Royal Mail uses the Captcha, Royal Mail spokesperson says:

"We are currently using Google’s reCaptcha to protect our website. This helps to prevent malware, viruses or phishing, allowing us to provide consistent performance for genuine customers." But it is believed that it is just part of their "strategy" to not share tracking data with anyone else. This is quite annoying!

Tracking orders has now already become a daily routine for many people. Everyday people may enter several tracking numbers to track their parcels delivered by different carriers. Despite the Royal Mail website to find out the tracking results, is there any other way to find out the result. YES!

Here are Two Workable Solutions for People to Know Their Royal Mail Tracking Info.

1. Try the Official Postal Website of Destination Countries
One solution is to track your packages by the official postal website of destination countries. For example, if you have a Royal Mail package delivered to China, then you can choose to log onto China Post website to obtain your tracking info.

2. Try Freight Forwarder Website
A freight forwarder is usually a person or company that organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution. Thus, forwarders like 4PX usually have access to tracking info.

How to Track Bulk Orders for Sellers

Tracking is especially important for sellers. They have bulk orders to track every day. All the logging on to the Royal Mail website and Captcha steps just drive many sellers crazy. To be more user-friendly, there are a number of third-party tracking platforms to make tracking process much easier. One example is, TrackingMore, aggregates all of your incoming deliveries. Meaning that no matter who is delivering it, you can track it and get push alerts with the one tool. Very cool.

However, many third-party tracking services suffer a lot because of this seemingly little change by Royal Mail. For example, 17Track has already stopped tracking service for Royal Mail packages. TrackingMore can still provide the tracking function for Royal Mail packages as long as the users have the Royal Mail account. This is how it works as below:


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