Dropshipping: Things You Need to Know About Dropshipping in 2018

Dropshipping tends to be more and more popular these years. Then I would like to put dropshipping into the following five aspects.

Whats Dropshipping?
Disadvantages of Dropshipping
Advantages of Dropshipping
Perspectives to Improve Dropshipping
Dropshipping Product Ideas in 2018
Track All Your Dropshipping Parcels Just in One Place

Whats Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when a vendor fulfills orders from a third party and has them shipped directly to the customer.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

Sure, since you dont have to manage or store your own inventory, the overhead is low — but so are the returns.
Because of the own distinctive features of dropshipping, there are two main disadvantages:low-profit margins and high competitiveness.
Since it fulfills orders from a third party, the disadvantage of dropshipping is also quite obvious: very low-profit margins. Most of the profits go to the suppliers and dropshipping can only get very little. Even worse, dropshipping sellers can hardly raise prices since customers will easily go to other suppliers for lower prices.

Due to the low overhead, dropshipping is highly competitive. So, it’s quite difficult to stand out among so many dropshipping sellers, especially for those who start from the scratch.
However, there are still advantages we can fully make use of. Let’s explore it.

Advantages of Dropshipping

Market research

Dropshipping can be used to reduce the risk in testing out new product types and thus used for market research.

Instead of increasing your inventory costs by having an unpredictable product stored in your warehouse, dropshipping could be a good choice for you to test out a new product with a trial period.

You can get two important information from the dropshipping testing:
Have a better estimate of how much it sells for; Identify a more accurate number of what quantity to buy for your initial stock.

Protection from overselling

Market fluctuations are not predictable all the time and overselling is one of them. Instead of overstocking to satisfy the unlikely situation, dropshipping products elsewhere could be a nice option, saving costs and having those sales at the same time. This is especially useful for seasonal overflow.

Flexibility to choose

Dropshipping has its natural advantage: Flexibility to choose. Without any pressure of inventory management, a wide range of choices can be got from various dropshipping suppliers.

  How can we better make use of the dropshipping advantages?     Below are some dropshipping ideas for your reference.

Perspectives to Improve Dropshipping 

1 Hard to find elsewhere on the internet

Once a product begins to go viral in one place, many sellers begin to sell the same products. And the advantages of selling this product becomes less competitive. So a better solution is to find out the products that are hard to be found by other sellers. This is not easy, but you will get a relatively long advantage over other competitors once you find it.

2 Test out the products yourself

Before selling, you have to have a good and thorough understanding of the products. For one reason, you can offer detailed solutions when facing customers’ inquiries about the products; for another reason, it is more convincing for your customers if you are the product user yourself.

3 Find the distinctive features of your products and identify your targeted buyers

The other reason customers buy products from you rather than from others is your product have distinctive features other products don’t have. The distinctive features can easily help you differentiate from other competitors. Then, the next step is to identify the targeted buyers or your niche.

4 Interesting enough to attract eyeballs

Now, people like to show their characteristics and specialty by what they use that are different from others. So, they are more and more valuing the novelties and specialty of a product. It is important to find an interesting object that can attract customers’ attention as soon as they see it.

5 Write an advertorial about your product

If you have finished all the four steps above, then you can move to the advertorial part. It requires you to present your products in a clear and detailed way. From your advertorial, customers will get what they need to know: like the basic introduction of the products; distinctive features of your products; and suitable occasions for the use of the products. The more detailed your articles are, the more likely your customers are convinced to buy your products.

Dropshipping Product Ideas in 2018

Want to differentiate from other competitors? Be different first. What kind of products can be considered unique among all the sellers? If you’re interested in dropshipping but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of product ideas for inspiration. Below are some product ideas for reference:

 Novelty t-shirts

 Novelty t-shirts are trendy these years without no reason. Young people love the t-shirts with their favorite mottoes on. Novelty t-shirts will never be out of data as long as you have new ideas and thoughts to be presented.

 Funny coffee mugs

Funny coffee mugs are also favored by many office workers. One good example is Puzzle Mug. The color and design of this mugs will definitely attract a lot of attention.

 Motivational bookmarks

Like novelty t-shirts, bookmarks can also include many design elements. Bookmarks with cute and interesting designs can also lead to volumes of sales.

 Inexpensive watches or jewelry

Novel but inexpensive accessories are always favored by fashion lovers. Below are products that might bring you some inspiration about accessories:
     Skeleton watch, like World Map Watch

      Animal Ring

      Choker Necklace

      Arrow Bracelet

Track All Your Dropshipping Parcels Just in One Place

In most cases, dropshipping products are from different suppliers, which may cause some trouble in package tracking. If a customer buys from different suppliers at the same time, it’s not recommended to let your customer track all the parcels from different websites. But, don’t worry. Third-party tracking platforms, like TrackingMore, can easily help you fix that. With 530+ couriers from all over the world, almost all the tracking info can be acquired on TrackingMore. Plus, if you want your customers to stay on your own page, TrackingMore also offers you “Track Button” solution. This feature allows you to design the “Track Button” according to your own preference.   

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