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Hong Kong post tracking

Enter Hong Kong Post tracking number in the text box below, and click the track button, you can get the tracking results.

FAQ about Hong Kong post tracking

1. What is the Hong Kong post tracking number format?
The tracking number usually ending with HK. If it is a EMS tracking number, the first letter will be E. For example: EE123456785HK is an Hong Kong EMS tracking number.
( # Letter, * Digit, ! Letter Or Digit )    
(R# *** *** *** HK)   (V# *** *** *** HK)  (A# *** *** *** HK)    
(C# *** *** *** HK)   (E# *** *** *** HK)   (L# *** *** *** HK)

2. How to contact Hong Kong post?

If you can't track Hong Kong post online, you may want to contact them. Here is the contact information:

General Enquiry
Tel: (852) 2921 2222*
Fax: (852) 2868 0094
E-mail: hkpo@hkpo.gov.hk
* Hongkong Post will not contact members of the public through this telephone number.

Enquiry and Complaint
Stamps and Philately: spd@hkpo.gov.hk
Mail Tracing: mto@hkpo.gov.hk
Others: hkpo@hkpo.gov.hk

Hong Kong International Mail Processing Centres

HKHKGA - Hong Kong AIR Mail Centre
HKHKGC - Hong Kong General Post Office/spt
HKHKGD - HK Post Tuen MUN Logistics Centre
HKHKGE - Hong Kong AIR Mail Centre / Special
HKHKGF - HK GPO AIR Registered Letter Sect
HKHKGG - Hong Kong Central Mail Centre
HKHKGH - Hong Kong Surface Mail Centre
HKHKGJ - Hongkong SS
HKHKGK - HK AMC Next AM-DAY Delivery - KLN
HKHKGL - HK AMC Next Am/day Delivery - HK
HKHKGM - HK AMC Next Am/day Delivery - Mixed
HKHKGN - Hong Kong Next DAY Delivery Service
HKHKGO - HK AMC Economy Express - HK
HKHKGP - HK AMC Economy Express - KLN
HKHKGQ - HK AMC Economy Express - Mixed
HKHKGR - HK Kwaichung SPT Operations Centre
HKHKGB - Kowloon SPT Operations Centre

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