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Canada Post Tracking FAQ 

1. How to track Canada post packages online?
 You can get Canada post tracking results in trackingmore.com. To get started, you may need enter your tracking number in the text box below.

You can also try the official site canada post tracking tool. You can get the tracking results if you have one of the following: Tracking number, Delivery notice card, Reference number.

2. What is a Canada Post tracking number?
  • 0000 0000 0000 0000 (16 digits)  
  • AA 000 000 000 AA(13 digits)
  • 00 000 000 000 (12 digits)
3. What does "ready for pick up" mean?
Ready for pick up means your package has arrived at a post office and it is ready for pick up.
When you go to the post office, you must bring your Goverment-issued photo ID and your delivery notice card(if you have one). You can also send someone to take your place. They will need to bring photo ID and the delivery notice card or a letter of authorization.

4. What does "Notice left" mean in track status?
Notice left means the package is sent to a post office for pick up. This could happen for many reasons:
  • The item won't fit in the mail compartment
  • The community mailbox is full
  • No one was available to receive the item, but the sender hasn't approved a Safe Drop
  • No one is available to receive the item and there is no protected, secure location in which to leave it
  • If the sender has requested the "card for pickup" option, the item must be picked up at a post office.
5. What does "Delivered as a safe drop" mean?
The Canada Post attempt to deliver your package directly to you, but if you are not available to receive them, the post man will leave the package in a safe area at your place(a "safe drop"). So you don't need to go to a post office yourself to pick it up.


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