Tracking says delivered, but packages never received

Have you ever met this before? Shipped a parcel, tracking says delivered, item never received. In the past, I simply would say this is no way as I know from the United States Postal Service that a package would not be marked as "Delivered" if it is still on the route to be delivered. In other words, a delivery scan would be performed only after the carrier has delivered the package to the receiver's mailbox, the doorstep or anywhere around the address to be delivered.

But I changed my thoughts after I have heard more and more customers stating that they have not got their items but why package tracking info showed "delivered" status. So I am doing my research on the web and found that this is not an exception. A lot of people has met this before. Some of them claimed that they got their parcels finally after an investigation around their house, some of them said they got items after waiting for 1-3 more days, others stated that items were never came to them.

There is no courier dare say they are the best, even notable courier like USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, as nothing in the world is perfect. So we need to note that this situation can really happen sometimes, but what can we do when this happen?

Things you need to do when you haven't got your packages while it says you did.
Firstly, when tracking says delivered, but packages never received, you need to keep your mind calm down as usually items will be soon received within a few days.
Secondly, call your local post office and let them check for you, ask your friends, families, neighbours whoever might have received your items and investigate all the possible places that your parcels might be around the house.
Thirdly, if you have not got your items 3 days after the "delivered" info shows, try to file a claim and let the courier investigate for you.

1. When shipping goods, make sure they are trackable. To track packages, you can always go TrackingMore.com which supports USPS package tracking, UPS package tracking, DHL package tracking and more.
2. Pay some small extra fees to require a delivery confirmation and make your packages insured.

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