How to track eBay packages

Ebay.com is an online auction and shopping website. It is built for people and businessmen to buy and sell variety of goods and services worldwide. Headquartered in San Jose, California, eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. When eBay first started, the system is quite different than it is now. It previously offered online money transfers from 2002 to 2015. Buyers can use this website for free while sellers must pay some money to list their items as well as fees when items are sold.

Today the system is much more advanced, efficient, improved. One important aspect is that buyers can track their packages easily through eBay account. So how to find the exact tracking information of your packages?

1. Track your packages through eBay account.
Most of the time you do not need to enter your eBay account to find the tracking info as when your items are shipped, the seller will soon send you an email about the shipping details. This email usually contains a tracking link, tracking number and the courier name. So you can click the link and enter the tracking page.
What if you want to track it through eBay account. The following steps can guide you.

Step 1: Login onto eBay.com and go to "My eBay" which you can find at the top of most eBay pages;
Step 2: Navigate to Purchase History and click the link on the left side of the page;
Step 3: Find the green shaded area containing a tracking number and then click it to see the shipping status of your eBay package.

2. Track your eBay packages through a third party named TrackingMore
Most people may have already heard and even used this package tracking tool as it is really helpful and easy to use. It is built to offer solutions in terms of package tracking services for online sellers and buyers so as to make a better online purchasing experience. It can now track packages from 410 couriers worldwide, which means you can track virtually all your packages bought from any channels in one place. What amazed me most is that it has a very accurate detect function. Whenever you enter your tracking number in the search box of homepage, it can detect the courier and then track for you. You can even use this function to know which courier carried your items.

TrackingMore ought to be your prior place to go and track your packages because it is very easy and informational. Simply go to TrackingMore homepage, enter your tracking number and then click "Track" button. That's it. The display page will not only show detailed tracking info but also the courier name, courier official website, courier contacts and the way to review the courier. If you know the courier name of your package, for example China Post or China EMS, you can also go China Post tracking or China EMS tracking page. 

PS: As for the shipping time your package would take, you can go here to calculate the delivery time. Note: not a single person can assure the exact delivery date especially the delivery date of an international package, but a reference can surely be given.

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