How to track 4px shipment?

4PX Express was conceived in 2004, it is China's NO.1 cross-border e-commerce solution provider. It has over 1500 employees across 50 different global locations. 4PX has maintained a good relationship of cooperation with Singapore post, Hong kong post and Aliexpress.

How to track 4PX Express packages?

1. Try the Trackingmore 4PX tracking page.
2. Try the official site of 4px: http://express.4px.com

For example, there are three 4px tracking number here: RF445904007SG,

Just enter the tracking number in trackingmore.com, you can get the results below:
This three shipments is still in transit:
Beside, the tracking number RF445904007SG can also be tracked in Singapore post website. Because 4px express is a parterner of Singapore Post. This shipment is received in 4px shenzhen warehouse from the seller, then it arrived in singapore post's warehouse in hong kong, after that, this shipment is handed over to airline, and when it arrived in US, the USPS will take it to the Addressee.

Not all the 4PX packages are trackable, there are different kinds of ship services in 4px. Some of the package are not registered mail but surface mail, which you can only track it when the package is still in China. After it's on the plane, there is no more tracking details on the intenet.

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