The benefits of online package tracking system to e-commerce.

Having an online package tracking system is a key service in today’s e-commerce environment. If you are running an e-commerce business, then you will understand that some customers will be sceptical when purchasing an item online that they cannot physically see or touch.

Sure, there will always be some customers who will go through with the order and forget about it until the package arrives in the mailbox. But for many others, they want to be kept up to date as to where their order is exactly throughout the entire process from the moment they put in their credit card details to the moment the package is delivered.

Here are some benefits of having an online package tracking system for e-commerce:

It encourages customers to interact with your website and make additional purchases

A lot of customers like to have an active participation in the ordering process. Depending on how urgent the purchase is, a customer may return multiple times to your e-commerce website in order to track their package. This leads to greater exposure to your website which means that they are more likely to review other products that they may not have noticed before. For instance, if they are returning to track the progress of a pair of jeans they have already purchased, they may see a matching leather belt that they didn’t see before. 

Reduces the cost outlay of incoming calls from customers inquiring about the status of their order

Running an e-commerce business is difficult and expensive enough as it is. One of the most costly expenditures of running a business is dealing with customer inquiries. Businesses without a tracking system would need to hire employees as well as budget for added call costs in order to appropriately handle the flow of customers calling to find out where their package is.

With a built in online tracking system, businesses will significantly cut down the costs of taking calls from anxious customers who inquire about the status of their order.

An online package tracking system builds trust with the customer

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having an online package tracking system is that it builds a bridge of trust between the customer and the supplier. This is particularly true for customers who have taken the risk to buy a product from an e-commerce business with which they have had no previous dealings.

A new customer is likely to feel skeptical about purchasing a product from an online platform they may have never used before. With an online package tracking system, a customer is much more likely to buy from the business as the will be able to see where and when the product is at all times.

Case in point: Poste Italiane Tracking

One of the best examples of an online tracking system is the Poste Italiane tracking service. Over the past few years, the Poste Italiane has gone through a number of changes in its corporate structure. Part of that change was the founding of Postel S.P.A. These new changes provided for a shift in strategy which led to a greater focus in providing high quality digital services such as an online package tracking system.

At present, customers can track their packages easily through the supplier’s e-commerce platform with the tracking widget. And all this is coming from an integration to the online package tracking system.

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