17track VS TrackingMore

TrackingMore and 17track are both excellent package tracking tracker which the later was established in the year of 2010 while the former is in the year of 2014. Currently, TrackingMore supports 410 couriers worldwide while 17track only supports 340 couriers with 105 couriers from China. This year is the third year in terms of the development of TrackingMore. It develops so fast that it can now becomes one of the most competent competitor of 17track.

If we just look into the main interface of this two sites (TrackingMore.com and 17track.net) from the perspective of a buyer, we can hardly find which one is better in tracking packages as they all seem to have functions that can meet the requirements of most buyers. For example, They all have multi-language version feature, carrier auto detection function, fast and accurate tracking services. If you ever tracked your packages on both the two sites, you would also find they actually have very fast site speed.

But if we observe more deeply, we may find that TrackingMore has some features which 17track do not have currently. For example, TrackingMore gives each courier an independent tracking page and a place to review couriers, which is a good idea to spread and share users thoughts. Besides, TrackingMore provides a powerful backstage for its users (mostly they are online sellers, logistics services providers such as forwarders, third parties, ERP managers, e-commerce developers and so on) to bulk track packages, do performance analytics and more. Unfortunately, 17track seems do not work so well on supporting all these yet and few people know about their login page which, in a large extent, hurts the user's experience badly. Another important function that TrackingMore provides is TrackingMore API. Every user can pay a small fee to call TrakcingMore API. Actually, $0.002 to track one tracking number is virtually free.

So, how much strong is the TrackingMore backstage anyway? To find this result, you need to sign up for an TrackingMore account first. Do not worry, this is free.

Bulk Tracking 

Users can track up to 10,000 numbers from 410 couriers worldwide, including USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, China Post, China EMS and so on at a time by importing an CSV file into their TrackingMore accounts. They just need to download an full CSV file template and then fill out the corresponding cells. Only the "origin courier code" and "tracking_number" columns are required fields. The tracking details , system update time, add time, transit time and more can be shown clearly in one page.

After importing, users can filter packages by tracking status and add time. They can also delete package one by one or in bulk.

Bulk Exporting 

TrackingMore also supports function to bulk export data for users to do analytics. Users can bulk export all the package data in TrackingMore account or bulk export some of their data by filtering the conditions. For example, they can choose to bulk export data of packages added in a certain time in "Exception" status.


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