Why my package took so long with Aramex?

I like to buy things online especially things from overseas. And I usually place an order twice a month. Last month, when I am expecting an package shipped from China to my hometown in Kuwait, it took me almost four weeks. I am really frustrated about the inefficiency of Aramex and the Kuwait customs.

The whole thing is that when I tracked my Aramex packages on TrackingMore site, it told me my package has arrived in Kuwait on 8th, April which I ordered it on the first day of April. So it took me one week to arrive Kuwait from China. Quite fast, right? So I am very happy and thinking my item would reached to me soon. How excited!

Things turned out that I received my package three weeks later since it arrived at the Kuwait. And all this is because there is a delay in the customs clearance. The officer in customs told me that I must assist them to have an investigation about my stuff because they suspected that I have the intention to take some inappropriate things to Kuwait. OK, I just bought some DVDs which are songs sung by my favourite singer. What I am not realized was this took me two weeks for them to investigate. Apparently, they do not care about other person's time. They are just waste people's lives.

If that was all, I would simply not say a thing. The worse thing is that Aramex then took me another one week to deliver my goods in my hand. I do not know why they took so long as I am living in the capital city Al Kuwait not the suburb of Kuwait. So I guess if that is because Aramex did not have a good communication with the customs so that they may delay to take customers goods in customs.

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